Lagos Govt gives reasons why it cannot place a ban on Agbero (NURTW) men


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Big News: The Lagos Government finally gives reasons why it cannot just place a ban on the controversial Lagos NURTW "Agbero" officials across the state.

Over the past years, there have been several controversies on the issue of whether to place a permanent ban on the popular NURTW (Agbero) officials in Lagos state or not.

Quite a number of the past governments of Lagos had failed to deal with this issue until now that the Deputy Governor of Lagos state decided to address the general public on the matter.

Dr Obafemi Hamzat recently gave clear insights on the controversial issue and also explained in-depth some of the reasons why the government cannot ban the NURTW totally.


NURTW (Agbero) is a legally recognized union in Nigeria that cannot just be banned or eradicated by the state govt – LASG

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Reasons why the Lagos State government cannot just ban NURTW (Agbero)

Fresh reports captured a recent media interview with the Deputy Governor of Lagos State and a huge part of the chat involved Dr Obafemi Hamzat addressing the issue of banning the NURTW.

To make reading easier, we have highlighted below some of the important points made by Dr Hamzat as reasons why the state government cannot ban NURTW outrightly. Read the highlight below.

  • The NURTW (Agberos) is a legally-grounded union in Nigeria that is actually recognized by the law.
  • The state govt has to treat carefully and cannot outrightly ban such a registered union like the NURTW just by excuses of misconducts because even the NMA (Nigerian Medical Association) is also a union.
  • There have been several times in the past that top Nigerian unions such as the NMA had serious issues with the state government and reported misconduct but this was not enough excuse to push forward to ban them.
  • In the true sense of it all, NURTW (Agbero) officials are actually cousins, brothers, and the likes to Lagos citizens. So, they are not really “aliens” but rather Lagos citizens that also have some level of rights within the state.
  • A better approach that is currently being adopted by the state government is to rather target a particular NURTW zone or individual Agbero that gets reported for gross misconduct and discipline them directly rather than generalizing the blame.

In case you don’t know just how rich the Chairman of NURTW (Agberos) in Lagos is, watch this video below showing his mind-blowing mansion.

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Some people believe that all NURTW (Agberos) officials are mere touts who extort money from Lagos motorists on a daily basis while others claim that only a few of them are touts. But in any case, the state government has clearly spelt it out that they cannot be banned outrightly for now.

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