6 reasons why Nigerians love Peugeot cars


Posted by: Chris Odogwu

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Peugeot is a favorite among Nigerians, making it one of the most popular car brands in the country. Click to find out reason why Nigerians love it so much!

Did you know that Peugeot is one of the top ten most popular car brands in Nigeria? When it comes to good taste, Nigerians tick the box. They do not patronize a brand unless it satisfies their needs by all standards.

Peugeot kicked off as a small family business over a century ago, in 1810 precisely. That small family business has grown to become a global brand over the years – one that is loved by millions of people around the globe.

Not many businesses can boast of lasting for over a century. This shows that the automaker must be doing something right. Peugeot reflects the saying that “empty vessels make the loudest noise.” You may not always see the car brand on your TV screens, but it is a known fact that it delivers excellence in quality. Thanks to this high quality, it has clinched the “European Car of the Year” five times. What is so special about Peugeot? Naijauto is about to unravel the mystery - why Nigerians love Peugeot cars that much!

1. Great sport models

Do you love sport cars? If yes, you must be a Peugeot fan. Hate it or love it, you cannot take away the sport appeal from Peugeot. It is not a surprise that the popular Peugeot 205 GTi got recognized as the best hot hatch vehicle in history by top automotive publication AutoCar.

Another sport offering from the automaker is the Peugeot 208 GTi. Making its debut about thirty years ago, the 208 gave auto lovers some benefits to be excited about. Besides its beautiful sporty look, it offers great fuel economy and practical drive.

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The 2019 Peugeot 208 is so portable yet so comfortable

Despite being a 3-door vehicle, the 208 has enough space for two adults to sit comfortably in the rear. Some of its notable features include: cruise control, touch screen multimedia, dual-zone AC and rear parking aid among others.

2. Durability

Once upon a time, Peugeot was the official car brand of the Nigerian government. Such feat does not come cheap. It shows that, indeed, the brand is reliable. Despite the influx of new car models, some very old Peugeot models are still active on the road in Nigeria and other African countries.

Telegraph recently conducted a survey on the most dependable auto brands, and Peugeot emerged fifth, beating many other auto brands. For reliability index ranking, the brand scored 96 against the 118 industry benchmark. The ranking is rated in a descending order i.e the lower the score, the better.

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3. Easy maintenance

After buying a car, comes maintenance. A car is only as good as it is maintained. If you buy the most expensive car, and fail to maintain it properly, you will end up with junk. Truth is, maintaining a car is not easy. You need to cater to it the same way you cater to things that are dear to you. The burden is reduced when the car itself it easy to maintain.


The latest Peugeot 5008 interior is an epitome of style

Peugeot is very common in Nigeria. As a result of this, you can find expert mechanics that will carry out effective routine maintenance checks on it easily. These experts are in your neighborhood, making the process easier for you.

Replacing car parts is another maintenance concern. Peugeot car parts are durable, but it is inevitable for them to get damaged. When that happens, you can easily have them replaced as they are available everywhere.

4. Affordability

The primary function of a car is to take you from one point to another. Every other thing is secondary. You can get smaller Peugeot models at very affordable prices. You do not need to break the bank to own a car. Interestingly, these smaller models are even more durable. Due to the absence of advanced modern technology in them, they have fewer reasons to break down. When faulty, they can be fixed easily without wasting time and resources.

Bigger Peugeot models are also affordable compared to some other brands. You get to enjoy luxury at a lower cost.

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You can get the 206 at an affordable price

5. Classic architecture

A car’s design adds to its aesthetics. Peugeot does not hold back in the area of design. Since inception, it has maintained a reputation for churning out classic designs. One can easily recognize a new Peugeot brand by its design without seeing the name.

If you pay attention to style, a Peugeot car should not be missing in your garage. Its classic design is evident in models such as the Peugeot 402. Despite being an old model, it still looks stylish today. Other models like Peugeot 504 and 508 are favorites among Nigerians for their style.

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6. Affinity for electric cars

Peugeot is one automaker that has faith in electric cars. This is evident in its e-legend model – an inspiration of the 504 Coupe.

The all-electric drive vehicle is fully autonomous with a battery that charges very fast. It also offers no fewer than four different modes of driving.

With these amazing offerings, it is very easy for anyone to fall in love with the Peugeot brand. As we say in Nigeria, who no like beta tin (who does not like good things)? Nigerians definitely do.

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