Why Nigerians love Mercedes Benz so much

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I used to be a BENZ hater because I don't like popular opinions. But then I started reviewing cars, and driving Benz on reviews makes me understand that you can't hate but join the fanbase.

If you know me well, you should know that I am the greatest advocate for:

"Benz is not the only car that is fine."

Why do I always say this? Well, it's like most Nigerians don't see any other car apart from Mercedes-Benz. Below is a video of a street VOX-POP I did asking people to pick between a 2010 Mercedes-Benz C300 and a 2020 Toyota Camry XSE TRD version. The Toyota can actually buy 4 units of the Benz as of today, but still, 75% of the people I asked picked the Benz unapologetically!!!

VOX-POP of Mercedes Benz cars vs Toyota cars

I have managed to come up with the reasons why Nigerians love Benz so much even when they don't own one in a relating manner from the first to the last. Check them out!

1. Everyone goes for a Benz, so do I!

In case you don't know, herd mentality is the tendency of a group of individuals to react without any reason and just following the crowd.

Our President drives a Benz, the Vice-President drives a Benzo, the richest young boy in your area drives an AMG Benzo too, so you feel it's a must-have car for the money guys. Word of mouth is the fastest way to spread information. It's like everybody wanted a Benz without knowing why they wanted it. They just wanted to own one for the sake of the three-pointed star. Ask any non-car enthusiast about their future dream cars, it's a BENZ song they will sing to your ears.

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People just wanted to own a Benz for the sake of the three-pointed star

2. Even pop artistes love Benz, why shouldn't I?

Music has made people do a lot of things without even knowing. In the world, music is the greatest influencer of human beings after "word of mouth".

So artistes all over the world would effortlessly always sing about Mercedes-Benz in their songs making young listeners want to be in these cars while listening to the lyrics. A perfect example of that is Victor AD's "if we no buy the Benz wetin we gain o?" song in 2018.

Once these young boys get the money they would rush for a Benz because it's the only car on the list that can easily be gotten off Nigerian dealerships. Even our Nigerian celebrity favourites celebrate their success in music by buying a Benz as their first official cars, making it seem like the Mercedes-Benz is a milestone for success. You can't tell a rational Nigerian you own a Benz but have no money in the bank, he would never believe that crap.

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3. Benz cars are just so beautiful

Nigerians pay special attention to the design, especially the exterior of the car they would want to buy. And Benz cars are always among the most impressive.

For example, the 6th generation Benz C-class shook the Nigerian car market with impressive sales because the car looked so cute and adorable on the exterior. The car could easily be modified with paint jobs and look like an actual race car. Nigerians like cars they can tailor to fit their taste easily. And the people who don't know about cars see this exterior, they just set it in their minds that they need to buy a BENZO as soon as the money comes. The design was something nobody had seen before.

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4. Benzes have a car for just anyone

Mercedes-Benz has also introduced a lot of new lines of models as opposed to other luxury car manufacturers that have had the same lines of model existing for decades. BMW only has the 3 and 5 series as flagship sedans then X5, X6 and flagship SUVs while Benz has introduced the CLA, GLA.GLC, GLE and GLB as new model lines scrapping former models like ML and GL because they understand that change is the only constant in life.

People like to pick from a wide range of options when choosing for whatever. Benz keeps releasing new designs back to back so every Nigerian knows there is something for them in the luxury car scene courtesy of Mercedes-Benz.

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5. Benz cars are easy to get fixed

Benz parts are very much available here in our country so no damage can't be rectified. There are also a lot of Benz specialist technicians in the country, making the repair easy. These are things that encourage people to buy a car. A car that needs parts shipped in before a minor repair can commence is not a good buy.


Benz is a very successful luxury brand and it's very glaring in Nigeria. I used to be a BENZ hater because I don't like popular opinions. But then I started reviewing cars, and driving Benz on reviews makes me understand that you can't hate but join the fanbase.  

Although this is 2020 and there a lot of other luxury cars out there that are in the same price range and even perform better, Benz cars are iconic in Nigerian minds.

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