5 Weird and Funny Reasons why Nigerians love big flashy cars


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Nigerians have hidden secrets we don't want others to know but here on Naijauto.com, we'll disclose all the weird and funny reasons why we have to buy bulky cars!!

In Nigeria, owning a car is so much of a big deal. In fact, if you must be taken seriously and possibly command some respect from your peers, then you must be driving in a car. So, if you can't afford to buy one, you may have to be willing to take a bit of stick every now and then.

You can now easily relate to why we have about 11.8 million registered cars on our roads. This figure which was made available by the Nigeria Bureau of Statistics sometime last year shows that at least one in every 18 Nigerian owns a car, conforming to the notion that everyone wants to be counted and no one wants to take those subtle insults that usually come with not owning a car.

The big question now is, why do Nigerians love big bulky and flashy cars. In this article, we will highlight a few funny reasons why Nigerians love big bulky cars, some will be just weird while others will be relatable.

Weird and funny reasons why Nigerians love bulky and flashy cars

1. To Oppress their Perceived enemies

This is obviously one of the weirdest and funniest reasons behind why some of us go for big flashy cars. "Bad Belle" just too much in this country and if you are successful in moving a step ahead of your enemies, then you must find ways to make them feel the heat.

One way some Nigerians do this is to make sure they are all over your space and are all in your faces with something Big and Flashy, something that will always get their attention whether they like it or not.

To drive the message home, my Yoruba and Igbo brothers will rather clear their account to purchase a certain Toyota Prado, Toyota Landcruiser, Mercedes-Benz GLS, and G-Class SUVs, or would rather not buy any car at all.

As weird as the reason may be, the reality in Nigeria makes it almost impossible for some people to not act in this way as some people can be painfully annoying and would even go as far as telling you to your face that you will never make it. Some will even go diabolic just to make sure your struggles don't see the light. But thank God there is God!!! Lol!!!


Young Nigerian guys will always flaunt their big machine

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2. To reign as King and Queen every time they take to the Road

As funny as this may sound, many Nigerians go for big and flashy vehicles just to have that feeling of owning the road. These sort of cars has a way of attracting attention from smaller car owners, pedestrians, and even road officials. These definitely give them that feeling of owning the road.

Some crazy and funny drivers drive with the notion that they have more right to the roads than pedestrians. So these pedestrians have it that someday if they have an opportunity of securing a vehicle, they would definitely go with one capable of seeking all sorts of attention, giving them an opportunity to oppress others and have their fair share of the road.

3. Security & Safety

Modern cars whether small or bulky are well equipped with safety features that guarantee the overall protection of both those in and outside the vehicle. Despite all these features, larger and bulky cars are somehow safer than their smaller counterparts.

It is a matter of science, that heavy and bulky vehicles, in some ways are the safest. Broad and exorbitant vehicles naturally have more weight, longer hoods, and larger crumple zones, this gives them an outright advantage when it comes to frontal accidents.

Numerous safety organizations have discovered that bulky and larger vehicles likely will push a smaller one backward in any head-on collision. As a result of this, all occupiers of the larger vehicle will experience a lesser impact force than those in the lighter one.

A survey carried out by the Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) shows that the lowest death rate by vehicle type goes to very large SUV's and the highest unsurprisingly went to small mini cars. Considering the numerous accidents regularly taking place on Nigerian roads, this has been one of the reasons why bulky vehicles are wanted.


Larger cars offer better Safety and Security

The roads around Nigeria cannot be overemphasized as being a major reason why people want to own big and bulky vehicles. Nigerian roads are well known to be very jagged and hostile. The perceived giants of Africa offer only a handful of motorable roads. The major culprit being the vast amount of potholes. Sometimes this culprit may not look terrible but you'll feel its true nature when you hit it unexpectedly, then you'll discover how capable it is at causing serious damage to your car parts. Although some states like Lagos and Abuja can boast of a few good roads, they usually situated in certain select highbrow areas with a majority of the others generally in deplorable condition.

Many Nigerians opt for the chance of going with flashy SUVs, mini trucks, and large vehicles with a lot of ground clearance. Their reason is that these cars are high enough to manage our terrible roads, as their heavy-duty shock absorbers and transmissions are way more rugged than those found on your regular vehicles. Although these vehicles might cost some fortune, it takes away all unnecessary maintenance cost that comes with driving a regular saloon car on these bad roads.

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5. Confidence Booster

To many, this reason sounds so odd and weird. It is a reason that doesn't really have any kind of justification.

Notwithstanding many car owners in Nigeria do not only feel happy knowing that they have a car that draws lots of attention, but they also feel some level of a confidence boost. Therefore, flashy and attractive car owners are not only comfortable in their multi-million naira vehicles but also full of confidence.

Some Nigerians would rather continue using the taxi and buses than to have a vehicle that doesn't give them this feeling.


Big cars offer some level of a confidence boost


Despite the fact that owning a vehicle in Nigeria has become very essential, becoming a priority to many. Individuals are still willing to patiently wait even for years until they are able to get that attractive, flashy, and huge vehicle. These few and weird reasons should help us see the reason why their decisions need to be respected.

You have just finished our post about the funny reasons why Nigerians love big bulky cars. There are more articles like this on Naijauto.com. Stay tuned for the latest updates!

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