Govt explains why Lagos 3rd Mainland bridge wasn’t fixed during lockdown


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Lagos transport commissioner explains in a new statement why the proposed maintenance of the 3rd Mainland Bridge wasn't done during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Dr. Fredric Oladeinde, the Commissioner for Transportation in Lagos has recently explained in his press interview with TVC News, why the proposed maintenance works on the Lagos 3rd Mainland bridge could not have been done during the period of COVID-19 lockdown in the state.

His explanation mainly centered around health concerns and the assurance of adequate welfare for the experts who are in charge of the maintenance works.


Lagos state transport commissioner explains why maintenance work wasn’t done on 3rd Mainland bridge during the lockdown

In a recent interview with TVC News, Dr. Oladeinde explained that during the period of lockdown, no one really understood the COVID-19 disease nor have an idea of how to go about daily activities without contracting the virus.

He stressed that the experts which the ministry would have sent to do the maintenance works were also “humans” and couldn’t have possibly been happy to work during such a time where everyone was confused about the pandemic.

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Dr. Oladeinde said that the Ministry’s foremost priority is to ensure that all of its experts, workers, and staff are safe and under the right working conditions that do not threaten their individual lives. He then went further to point out that the COVID-19 lockdown only lasted for about one month while the proposed maintenance work is expected to take 6 months to complete. So, he explained that even if the experts had been deployed during the lockdown period; they would still be on the job by now and it wouldn’t have made much of a difference.

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