See the 3 main reasons why Japanese people don’t buy American cars


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What do you think makes Japanese people not to be buying American cars? In this post, we will share some top 3 main reasons with you. See them here!

Before we begin, we will like to put this public statement out that does not in any way claim or portray any set of people, tribe, or tradition as being racist and we do not support anyone involved in racism. We only spell out amazing auto-related facts based on our researches and nothing more than that.

So, why do Japanese people usually not buy American cars?

First, it is impossible not to reckon that the Japanese people stand out amidst the whole world when it comes to automobile manufacturing. They own quite a number of the world’s top brands with the most driven cars around the world with at least one Japanese auto company’s car in every corner of the world that you turn to.

In the U.S, Japanese auto brands like Nissan, Honda, and Toyota dominate their road even more than the cars from US auto manufacturers. There is hardly any parking lot, road and anywhere you think of, that there aren’t high chances of you finding a Japanese automaker’s car model there.


Why do American cars hardly sell in Japan?

Sadly, the reverse is the case with American car brands in Japan. Even though it is undeniable that the American car brands remain the third-largest in the world’s auto market, they still have little to no impact in Japan as a whole.

One might even get tempted to wonder why the Japanese people aren’t returning the favour of U.S patronage by them patronizing American brands too in their nation. Does this mean that Americans do not produce good quality cars or their cars are just too costly? If you read on, you will surely find out what’s really happening.

Now, according to CNBC’s Richter, American automakers “don’t really try.” Yes, would you believe that Ford actually left Japan completely since 2017 and GM Motors sold a total of just 700 cars in Japan in the year 2018?

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The popular American brand, Ford left Japan totally since the year 2017

According to reliable auto industry observers and researchers, this disparity can be traced to these points below;

1. American automakers don’t really consider Japanese taste when making cars

By statistics, roughly 40% of the major cars sold in Japan till date are usually a special class of common extra small cars known as “Kei Cars” and almost all of these cars are sold by Japanese auto brands like Daihatsu and Suzuki.

Japan is surely a crowded nation and their drivers like the efficiency and convenience found with small cars that are mostly easy for them to maneuvre on their narrow street roads or fit into some of their common tight parking spaces in their nation.

Are you seeing the true picture already?

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2. Americans haven’t really invested in better dealership presence in Japan

Well, the title says it all. You can see a variety of Toyota or any Japanese car dealership throughout big countries in the world but American brands seem to be hard to access in this Asian country.


Did you know that German Car brands make huge sales in Japan compared to American brands?

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3. Many Japanese consumers believe American cars are not so reliable and efficient

Yes, this heading wasn’t made up!

When you begin to compare the cars from American automakers with those of German car makers, you will start to notice that Audi, Volkswagen, BMW and Mercedes-Benz all sell as much as tens of thousands of their cars in this same Japan yearly. So, how come they are able to win Japanese people’s heart?

And to be even frank, the tens of thousands still appears to be a really small number in sales compared to the overall Japanese local market as well as another Japanese major market. In fact, Christopher Richter, the Tokyo-based CLSA analyst said “it is nothing” at all.

So, for those of you guys that might already be thinking that racism might be the reason behind the disparity, hope you can see for yourself now and justify the truth?

If the American automakers and brands can up their game by putting some of the above into consideration and putting out measures to conquer these differences, they will surely conquer the Japanese people’s heart and win their market favour quick.

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