Why I say never test drive a Rolls-Royce even if you have a chance

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Hopping on a Rolls-Royce for a test drive is a rare chance I had recently and it was like lost in the paradise, but why I do say it was a mistake I won't repeat? Check it out!


Rolls-Royce has been always seen as luxury and class

One in every 50 Nigerians living in developing cities has come across a Rolls-Royce at least once in their lifetime, and if you haven't seen one drive-by till now, there is still enough time for the miracle to happen. The Rolls-Royce is not just the epitome of wealth to an average Nigerian but also a direct way of knowing a Nigerian billionaire. Rolls-Royce is the most expensive brand of luxury cars in Nigeria and also all over the world.

I wrote this article to make you see reasons why you should never drive a Rolls-Royce except it's yours because I made that mistake and still haven't recovered from the consequence till date. 

1. Rolls-Royce - A weird car brand

1.1. A car brand that makes only 5 models 

How many Rolls-Royce models can you name? Phantom? Wraith? Ghost? Cullinan? Well, You've got almost all of them! 

Unlike other car brands that have a long list of models, body types and price ranges, Rolls-Royce has produced only 5 different models as at February 2020:

  • ROLLS-ROYCE DAWN - A 2 door luxury convertible sedan. 
  • ROLLS-ROYCE GHOST - A 4 door luxury sedan.
  • ROLLS-ROYCE WRAITH - A 2 door luxury sedan.
  • ROLLS-ROYCE PHANTOM - A 4 door luxury sedan.

1.2. Rolls-Royce cars always underperform

In case you don't know, when other automobile brands build a car, they fit an engine and allow the engine to efficiently push the car around. They try their best to get the most power out of that engine so that it performs brilliantly.

But Rolls-Royce doesn't do this. They do just the opposite by making their engines underperform and this makes the brand the most reliable brand ever in the history of automobiles.

Yes, Rolls-Royce cars are built to perform excellently in a very unusual way.

There is a weird fact about the brand, 75% of Rolls-Royce cars produced are still on the road today which means it is almost impossible to see a Rolls-Royce breakdown on the road from engine problems because the car never gives you the opportunity to reach the full potential of what the drivetrain can actually offer.

You would see a Rolls-Royce Phantom with a V12 engine not being able to outrun a Mercedes with a V8, because these cars weren't built to perform outside the luxury band. The fastest Rolls-Royce is a WRAITH doing 0 to 60 in less than 4.3 seconds just because they had to give lovers of fast cars something to hold on to.

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Unlike other car brands, Rolls-Royce customized its cars before delivering to its customers


Rolls-Royce is a very common car own by world-class celebrities

2. But Rolls-Royces are the best cars to drive in the world - Why?

Just imagine you have only 2 pairs of shoes, one is for special occasions and one is for your everyday use. You would actually adore that occasional pair of shoes more, because it has more value than the everyday use one and this is exactly how Rolls-Royce has placed themselves in the world of cars. 

So, the reason I preach that you should never drive the Rolls-Royce if it's not yours is simply because, after you drive a Rolls-Royce once, you would never get that feeling from any other car, except it is another Rolls-Royce. Driving a Rolls-Royce is the closest thing to being on a journey to paradise. The car drives perfectly that it almost feels like it is on autopilot.

Here are the 4 ways it will make you feel like that:

2.1. You drive a car fully customised for you only, from the factory

The expensive price you pay to own a Rolls-Royce doesn't go to waste because apart from the high price, you get to customise this car straight out of the factory which makes every Rolls-Royce tailored to its owners taste. Interior materials, the position of some components, special features, inscriptions and a lot of other customizable options are available with the Rolls-Royce.


A Rolls-Royce car is built with its engine never reaching the potential output so that safety is on a high level

You can't be driving another man's Rolls-Royce for too long because the car was made for the owner. The Rolls-Royce Phantom has over 44,000 different colours to pick from and that just makes you question how many colours are even available in the world today.

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2.2. You drive with the proud Spirit of Ecstasy on the hood

The Spirit of Ecstasy ornament on the Rolls-Royce is the most valuable mascot attached to any automobile in history. Rolls-Royce has been owned by Bentley at a point and now BMW, but anytime the company gets sold, the mascot never gets sold in the transaction because it is priceless.

The Spirit of Ecstasy, shaped like a female angel with wings, was inspired by a Lady Eleanor Velasco who was a secret lover of an automobile legend by the name John Walter. To the owner of a Rolls-Royce vehicle, the mascot gives the car owners a feeling of belonging always.


The Spirit of Ecstasy alone is worth more than many regular cars on earth

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2.3. You experience the driveless drive that can't be found in any other car 

I mentioned earlier that the Rolls-Royce engine doesn't breakdown. A British car pundit placed a coin on the engine of a 2020 Rolls-Royce Ghost while it was running and the coin didn't move an inch. Even when he revved the engine hard while the coin was still on it, to everyone's surprise, the coin didn't fall!

This just tells us how stable the engine was built to run at any speed. Rolls-Royce makes the whole driving system of the car very lowkey to the point that even the drivers don't know they are driving a car. 


It's more than driving a car, it's like living in heaving driving it

2.4. And the extraordinary interior

The dashboard of this car on every model has a very classic finish with high quality wooden/leather panels and trims. There is nothing like a low-quality material on the Rolls-Royce and this makes these cars never age evidently. What's more, the gear placement is also hidden so you won't find anything that makes the car feel techy.

All these can be explained by the fact that Rolls-Royce was initially a custom coachbuilder for royals of the British and right now, they are still the builders of the engine in the BOEING aircraft. Up till today, the cars still feel like an invincible horse is carting the car away while you drive. 


The very fetchy interior of the Rolls-Royce car

The owner of Westcoat Customs Ryan Friedlinghaus said it in an interview that the best car he has driven in his life is the Rolls-Royce Phantom. Please note that he is somebody that has driven a lot of high-end luxury/supercars.

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3. So my words are...

Never drive a Rolls-Royce until you buy one of your own. It's like a drug, when you get addicted how would you get a Rolls-Royce to cure you?

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