This is why the almighty Hummer died in Nigeria and all over the world


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Hummer is a military type SUV that was very common in the early 2000s, but today it has died. Why???

Between 2000 and 2005 in Nigeria, Hummer was that car that symbolizes wealth. If you were a fan of football and hip-hop of the early 2000s, you would recollect that footballers and Hip-Hop stars would buy Hummer Stretch and Limo SUVs and it would be all over the News. And if you can still remember Olu Maintain's hit single "Yahooze" which talked about how Hummer was the go-to car for anyone that gets rich, you know what I am talking about.


Hummer SUV aka Hummer Jeep in its glory days 

In Olu Maintain's opinion, it is actually the first thing. This just shows how crazy the buzz on 'HUMMER JEEP' was, giving owners a sense of strength and power.


Yahooze made Hummer even more popular back in 2008

Fast forward to today when you would find Hummer 3 SUVs being abandoned on Lagos Streets and nobody even notices Hummers driving on the road anymore. Have you ever wondered why this boxy military-inspired SUV just suddenly died in Nigeria? I will tell you and for the fact sake: it didn't just die alone in Nigeria. It died all over the world!

What is a Hummer Jeep?

The Hummer, just like the G-Wagon, was originally a military vehicle called the HUMVEE (The High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle ) by AM General Motors but because it looked so cool, General Motors purchased rights to produce this car in 1992 under a new name "HUMMER" for non-military purpose.


The real Hummer (Humvee) vs the civilian's Hummer

There was the H1 based on the HUMVEE then the H2 & H3 based on smaller civilian car platforms by General Motors.

>>> Do you know the HUMVEE is one of 5 of the strongest war vehicles of all time?

Why did Hummer die?

Hummer from day one had a very bad gas mileage, you would use 3 times of the fuel you would use in a Camry if the Hummer was your daily ride. This is because the car is built with steel.

When oil prices rose in the USA, everyone realized the Hummer had no special function that regular SUVs couldn't provide. Aside from that. the Hummer wasn't also a comfortable car to drive around, so they started to leave the Hummer vehicles for other more economical vehicles.


The Hummer Limo was for the bigger boys 

In 2009, only 325 Hummers were sold worldwide. It was at this point that GM tried to sell the company to a Chinese company. This deal didn't go through for General Motors was just recovering from going bankrupt.


Hummer H2 for sale in Nigeria but I doubt it will be bought for luxury 

Everyone just stopped seeing the Hummer as relevant. It is a sad rise and fall of what was never meant to be. And it can be safe to say you would never see anyone buy the Hummer in Nigeria for status symbols.

Moral Lesson from Hummer

The obvious and most prominent reason why the HUMMER died in the hearts of everyone was that its greatest weakness, which didn't use to be a problem became very glaring. In a world where electric and hybrid car technology is getting better with the days, wasting money on fueling a steel box without special powers is just wrong.

You should check this 9 minutes summary video on the rise and death of Hummer by Business Insider here :

Rise and Fall of Hummer by Business Insider

This car was never meant for the civilians but it forced its way through until the truth was finally realized by civilians. You can hide for a long time but one day 'the bushmeat will catch the hunter'.

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