Peugeot: Why coupes are going into extinction 


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Two-door cars are now scarce on Nigerian roads. Do you wonder why this is so? Peugeot boss has given an explanation that will surprise you!

Have you noticed the demise of two-door cars? In Nigeria, coupes are going into extinction despite being a huge part of the Nigerian automotive industry growth. The few ones around are becoming museumized objects, commanding stares when driven around due to their scarcity. The reason for this stems from the very top. Peugeot CEO Jean-Philippe Imparato explains why automakers are not keen on manufacturing them.


Coupes were very popular and fancy back in the day

According to Imparato, a major reason for the decline in coupes is the absence of investment for production. He debunked the claim in some quarters that coupes are no longer popular on the scene because automakers do not fancy them anymore. Despite expressing his affinity for the coupe, the Peugeot executive emphasized that love was not enough to keep a model in business. Buttressing his point, he cited an example with Volkswagen’s Beetle. Although the model was largely loved, they could not continue its production due to a decline in its funding.

Speaking further, Imparato explained that the automotive industry is experiencing an influx of new technologies including electric vehicles, semi-self-driving, autonomous vehicles, and 5G connectivity. These technologies are shaping the trajectory of the industry, hence, the dropdown of some technologies that do not align.

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In a bid to maximize opportunities in these new frontiers, automakers are channeling their resources to those areas. This focus has led to the scarcity of resources for niche vehicle production.

Consumers are now gravitating toward larger cars like SUVs, compelling automakers to ditch smaller vehicles like coupes and sedans. However, Imparato said that this might not be the end for coupes. According to him, the affinity for larger vehicles like the SUV is a trend. There is the chance that the trend will blow over, like most trends. When that happens, automakers might go back to producing vehicles that have been tested and trusted.

This 1988 Tiffany Coupe is a classic! Watch the video:

988 Tiffany Coupe

Coupes create nostalgia among the older generation of Nigerian motorists as they were among the very popular cars in the 80s and 90s. It will be nice to have them back.

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