Find out the reasons why automakers are making new cars bigger


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Have you noticed that in recent times, automakers keep making newer car models sort of bigger than previous ones? Find out the reasons why they are doing so!

In case you haven’t noticed, a vast majority of the new SUVs and car models released in recent times are actually bigger than their predecessors.

New research shows that growing car tech, cheaper fuel, state regulations, customer demands and a plethora of other reasons account for this continuous increase in sizes of new cars.

This article sheds more light on this new trend and the reasons why it is now a “new normal”. Read on!


New cars keep getting bigger and customer demands seem to be the cause

Why are new cars getting bigger and bigger?

First of all, the cars we see and use today are obviously more complicated than the ones back in the days.

These modern cars now come with newer safety technologies as well as modern technologies for keeping passengers comfortable and entertained.

Just as the list of features being demanded in cars keeps increasing day by day, automakers are being forced to also meet up with this demand in order to remain competitive. So, all of the features and devices that keep getting added to modern cars obviously need to reside in a “home” that is large enough.


Safety features and modern car technologies are part of the reasons why newer car models are getting bigger

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Diving deeper into the world of modern cars, we could list out the latest safety features like all-round airbags, safety cell tech, crumple zones and many others that are now highly demanded by customers. Some of them have also been mandated by different regional governments all over the world – hence the need for bigger cars to house such features arises.

Below is an expert video explaining more about this latest trend of new cars getting bigger.

Video: Are Cars Going To Keep Getting Bigger?

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