Whole family saved from falling into a ditch inside a Toyota 4Runner


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The story was shared by the Twitter user @hand2ome of saving a family from falling into a ditch inside the Toyota 4Runner.

This is a story which needs to be widespread for others to emulate the example of a man who helped save the lives of a whole family whose car is on the brink of sinking into a huge ditch.

The story was shared by the heroic protagonist on his personal Twitter account @hand2ome interpreting an accident that nearly costs the lives of a whole family.

@hand2ome's tweet on accident which almost killed a family

The story was shared by the Twitter user @hand2ome of saving a family from falling into a ditch

During his ride on a GUO bus from Lagos to PHC, he spotted someone waving vigorously like crying for help in a Toyota 4Runner. Knowing something bad is happening, he urged the bus driver to stop instantly. Fortunately, they reached the place in time before the SUV could easily slip back into the deadly hole.

Just imagine a vehicle that gets almost all its rear diving gradually into the ditch. The driver was endeavoring to continuously press his foot on the brake pedal. At the same time with controlling to keep the occupants safe inside the cabin, he was waving trying to reach our attention.

The Toyota 4Runner being pulled from a big ditch

Ultimately, the whole family was saved

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In the rear seats are the two children and a woman, so our saviors took the children through the window first. Luckily, a Dangote trailer passed by and joined the troop. @hand2ome got down to bind the 2 ropes they'd had. The trailer started to move and one of the two ropes was broken, which definitely took out the heavy breath of two occupants.

“Rope, Rope, Rope”, @hand2ome cried. This time he was supplied with one extra rope, which he would say the mother of all ropes. This rope worked wonders and the whole family was miraculously saved.

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