What makes police cars different from regular cars?


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Most police cars may appear just like regular models but don't be fooled, these cars are fitted with high performance parts. Click here to see the differences!

Possibly, police might use the type of brand or model you see every day in the streets. Don’t be deceived, some of these cars aren’t just any regular cars, they are mostly upgraded cars best suited for the purpose they are for, which is to restore sanity and rid the society of crime. Most importantly, the police might find themselves in position where they need to really push these vehicles to the extreme in order to catch up with criminals during high chase or on rough terrain.

It is nothing short of truth that cars used by police across the planet are fitted with parts strong enough to be used as riot control vehicles, pursuit vehicles and even patrol vehicles. Once they are called into action, they are always ready and can endure any kind of harsh situation that confronts them in the course of fulfilling their objectives. With these refined performance parts, they can easily cope with off-road pursuit. Here on Naijauto are the things that make police cars different from regular cars.

High output engine

To chase down offenders during hot and high speed road chase, the police will need vehicles with strong engine that can proud as much output as possible. Literally speaking, such output should be high. This is why you would see many police vehicles using V6 engines and above under the hood.


Dangote and other patriotic Nigerians are now assisting the Police by providing good vehicles for patrol and other police duties

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Massive radiators and fans

You can’t begin to imagine what would happen if the police vehicle immediately overheats while chasing armed robbers. When this happens, not only will the armed robbers get away, they will surely have the confidence to commit such crime again since they know that the police cars are not well equipped to the road task. All over the world, effective police cars make use of large fans and radiators to prevent such an occurrence of overheating when under threat.

Push bumper

Except the police cars are not really needed for rigorous activities on the road, most police vehicles are equipped with push bumpers that are strong enough to bump into any vehicle or even force them out of the road.


Police vehicles are usually heavy duty with push bumpers to force vehicles out of the road or bump into them 

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Heavy duty seats

It is normal for police to move around with live ammunition in their vehicles. This is why it is necessary that police cars have heavy duty seats that can be multi-functional such as accommodating firearms and gun belts.

Powerful alternator and electrical output

For conventional cars, you should be able to get 100 amps of power from the alternator. It is normal to expect more from a typical police vehicle. That should take us around 225 amps or even more so as to maintain that needed high road performance.


To engage some police in high speed pursuit is fast becoming a suicide mission  since they now use supercars as interceptors

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Run lock ignition

The police must be active on the road as long as possible. With the run lock ignition feature, they will be able to stay active on the radio while the lights are on without the fear of massive battery drainage. Once they disengage the parking brake, the engine is cut off by the system. This is a protocol in place if anyone has the gut to attempt stealing a police car.

Powerful brake and suspension

Sometimes, it may be required by the police to move an extra weight such as the car used by the offender. With the presence of heavy duty brake and suspension, such task will be done without much of a stress.


A typical police vehicle should be able to accelerate quickly in response to emergency whether on road or off-road

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Recording device and video camera

Police can’t function properly without proper documentation, especially of hard evidence. The usefulness of these devices is to help them get a firsthand info about incidences around the vehicle. This is similar to the function of the popular dashcam.

Good tracking system

A functional police vehicle should be able to track down stolen vehicle by making use of the fitted transponder that usually comes with them.

Powerful components

Other features that are offered in most police cars include frame mount, u-joints, driveshaft, wheels, exhaust system and wheels that are more powerful than the ones you would see on cars used by civilians.

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Police cars are obviously more powerful cars but mostly in disguise as normal brands. Nigerian Police Force will find it much easier to pin down criminals during high pursuit if they are equipped with cars that have been upgraded specifically for that purpose.

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