What distinguish a luxury car from an ordinary car? Why do you need a luxury car?

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Luxury cars are meant for everybody, not just the super rich and that's why there are different levels of luxury cars!

There are levels to everything and anything in this life. The same thing applies when it comes to cars.

Luxury cars have levels of equipment to them but the real meaning of a luxury car is a car that was built for optimum comfort and reliability inside and out. For example, Toyota owns Lexus, and Lexus stands for the luxury version of Toyota.

Don't you think it does not make so much sense for you as your everyday car does everything just fine?

Well, you might think again after you hear me out!

So pay close attention to why you need a luxury car! Yes, luxury cars are not just for the super-rich billionaires.

Let's go!


Luxury cars are not only for better looks; they are for better entertainment, too

1. Why do you need a luxury car?

When you hear the word "luxury cars", do things like a bed in the car, refrigerator in a car and TV screens all over the car comes to your mind? I have once thought about luxury cars the same way!

But about 5 years ago when I discovered that a 2010 Mercedes-Benz C300 was an entry-level luxury car, I was hustling my way to get inside one and see what a 2010 luxury car looks like. When my hustle paid off, I got in one and was disappointed discovering that there was no TV SCREEN/ REFRIGERATOR in this car.

Shame on me because my idea of a luxury car was totally wrong! I don't want you to make the same mistake as mine.

The Lexus IS250 2015, for example, is an entry-level luxury car that is very affordable. What makes this car a luxury car is the careful selection of materials used to assemble the interior. You easily find a 2015 Toyota Corolla with the gear knob material peeling off, the dashboard trims also fade out with time, you hear the noise as you drive even when the car is fully wound up, the seats are made of materials that can slack and look rough at any time. The Corolla interior just feels cheap when compared to Lexus IS250 while its infotainment system interface doesn't look interesting, the Corolla doesn't have heated seats like the IS250.


The design of a car speaks luxury

The overall ride quality in a Corolla is low compared to the Lexus IS250. And I have made a list of what distinguishes a luxury car from an ordinary car below. Check out!

2. What distinguishes a luxury car from an ordinary car

2.1. Real leather interior

Quality of leather varies on all cars, but a luxury car whether entry-level or super luxury won't have cheap leather or fake leather materials on the inside. The seats of most luxury cars are made from standard quality leather materials and it just makes the car very comfortable for occupants.


Luxury car hides nuts and bolts, which increases the luxury feel

Besides, the dashboard also gets wrapped in standard leather as an advantage of luxury cars over ordinary cars. This is because when fluids more inside the car, it doesn't get soaked up by the seat. Leather doesn't absorb fluids so your car won't have a funny smell at any time. Have you noticed that most new Mercedes-Benz cars have a very sweet smelling interior, too? It's just because of this leather interior.

Some luxury cars even have their door panels wrapped in leather too and it just makes the car interior looks and feels better.

2.2. High-quality trims

Trim is that part of a car interior that covers the assembly point of different components on the interior. When you want to remove your infotainment system, for example, you won't see the screws holding it together with the car until you take out the trims used to protect those points just for a better aesthetic. Luxury cars have their trims made from wooden/metallic/high-quality materials that don't deteriorate with time. It is very common to see top-level luxury cars sometimes come with scratch-proof materials.


Luxury cars come equipped with the highest-quality materials

I was in a 2015 Nissan Almera and I noticed that the trims were made out of plastic but appeared to be like carbon fibre. Fake carbon fibre trims are something you won't find in luxury cars. The trims in luxury cars cannot be easily scratched and it also gives the car the expensive look on the inside. Trims extend throughout the car so it is very important that trims have a high quality and it's another reason everyone needs a luxury car.

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2.3. High-quality infotainment system

High definition display and sound is often another benefit you enjoy when you choose to buy a luxury car. The 2017 Mercedes-Benz C43 is equipped with Burmeister high definition speakers. Similarly, the 2016 Lexus GS350 comes with JBL speakers and it turns your car into a dance club of some sort. You know when music is playing at high volume and it's more of a banging sound as opposed to noise that comes from regular car speakers.

Aside from that, the infotainment system on luxury cars have a better display resolution than a regular car's infotainment and also features a lot of functions that make your car a place you always want to be.


The latest technologies are most of the times tried on luxury cars first

You can find infotainment on the rear seats of most high-level luxury cars. The passengers at the back also enjoy full entertainment while in the car with the presence of headrest screens. I saw this feature on a 2015 Mercedes-Benz S550 I reviewed just in another post on Naijauto.com. Some even have computers installed in a compartment of the car.

2.4. Extra safety

Don't forget that President Buhari rides in a luxury car every now and then so the safety of most luxury cars is one thing that makes them a must-buy for everyone that can afford it. Luxury cars have notification features that alert you when you need to perform an operation on the car to make it 100% safe.


The Presidency car might have been chosen for the soundproof interior

These cars let you know when your extra tyre has low pressure, features collision warnings, driving assists and a whole lot more. Regular cars also have these functions but the difference lies in the way luxury cars are built. Even when an accident occurs, the occupants are very much protected than regular cars.

The stability of luxury cars on high speed is on another level. Regular cars on high speeds feel lighter when driving because the air rushing under the car is trying to lift the car above the ground so it feels very unsafe as you speed but in luxury cars, you can never feel that way. My lecturer at the University still drives a 1995 BMW520i because he always feels safe in them. He told me he has owned a Corolla that had its tyres pull out while on motion and it would never happen with a luxury car.  


It is the safety features that separate luxury cars from normal cars

The cars have been properly engineered to have a better balance and stability as you accelerate just to keep you safe always. Have you ever heard that a BENZ cannot tumble? well, it's partially true, the car hardly tumbles during a collision because of how it was built. Have you ever seen a ROLLS-ROYCE involved in an accident in Nigeria? It has probably never happened before. Any car that conveys the dignitaries of any country 95% of the times would always be a luxury car just because it is very safe.

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2.5. Status symbol

There is nowhere you go with a 2015 BMW 5 SERIES that people won't respect your arrival. There is an aura around luxury cars that makes people feel they are worth millions of Naira. Luxury cars look very expensive and that's people modify their Toyota Camrys to look like the Lexus ES350. Even the Toyota Highlander has a Lexus type grille. They call these processes "upgrade" in Nigeria. luxury cars leave a statement anywhere they drive to.


Luxury cars make people know you've arrived

So my friend, here are the reasons why everyone needs a luxury car in their fleet of cars. You get to experience grand comfort while driving that makes you forget you are not in your house. luxury cars are all around us, we just have to look well, it's a car that just makes you comfortable and safe at the same time.

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