See what happened to 11 year-old boy that stole and drove off a school bus


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Can we call this juvenile delinquency? See what happened to an eleven-year-old boy who stole a privately-owned school bus and took it for a wild joy ride!

Who would have thought that an eleven-year-old boy could have pulled off such motor vehicle theft? This wasn’t just an ordinary car but a big school bus for that matter. This incident that happened in Louisiana, the United States had put the police in an utter state of confusion, after the boy led them on a very dangerous high-speed chase. The boy ended up crashing the vehicle into the front yard of a house after a surprisingly long chase up to 13 miles.


The 11-year-old boy was later arrested after leading the officers on a long dangerous chase across the city

From what we learnt, the boy was eventually arrested on 4 count charges. Fortunately enough, nobody was injured in the heavy crash. The unidentified boy strangely got hold of the keys to the privately-owned bus and decided to go on Sunday adventure in it. Reports claim that the bus was empty as at the time he took it for a wild ride.

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The school bus stolen for a joy ride by the kid crashed into the front yard of someone's property

The erratic driving of the 11-year-old got the attention of the law enforcement officers. Yet, he refused to put the bus to a halt. The ABC 11, a news outlet, also revealed that the boy attempted to ram in another vehicle after hitting the gas line while leading the police on a long chase through the city. The chase was finally ended when the boy drove right into someone’s property and struck a tree.

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Thankfully, the boy was unhurt from the incident but the school bus was badly damaged and had been taken away from the site of the accident. The young boy was later taken away in handcuff by the police. He will be facing charges on vehicle theft, aggravated assault, aggravated damage to private property and flight.

Check out the video of the shocking incident below:

RAW VIDEO: Boy crashes stolen school bus in chase with cops, police say

Joy Gradney, one of the people that witnessed most part of the incident, said the boy was laughing and having fun while leading the police on a chase across Florida.

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