What do the super rich do for fun? Painting their Roll Royce purple!


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Meet one of the most loyal fans of Roll Royce who asked the design team to extract the color of a flower for painting his Roll Royce!

This car belongs to a one of a kind car collector. Not only is he one of the most loyal customers of the brand Roll Royce, but he also has a distinctive way to get what he wants. He is a serious, perseverant man, and he's willing to pay big. In the past, he has been famous for paying an extra 100,000 dollars so that he could leave his "Fux" trademark in one of the BMW M2 cars, which came out in the color Austin Yellow.

an Austin yellow bmw

He once added $100,000 to paint his BMW in a custom color

To most people, a Roll Royce is worth many times their wildest imagination. If you own a regular Roll Royce, you've reached the stage that 99 percent of people in Nigeria only dream of. And most people would retire when their financial status allows them to afford a Roll Royce.

Mr. Fux is, of course, no ordinary man. Owning many creations from Ferrari, Mc Laren, and multiple cars from Roll Royce, he sort of grew bored with those and wanted something new, something more exciting.

During a trip to the Pebble Beach, he came across a flower, Fuchsia, whose color stimulates his curious mind. The flower was then quickly delivered to the prestigious Roll Royce design team along with a special request to "extract" the color from the petal and transfer it on his Roll Royce.

Mr. Fux driving his purple Roll Royce

Mr. Fux's purple Roll Royce angular rear

Mr. Fux's purple Roll Royce steering wheel

Roll Royce designers have done a tremendously great job transferring the flower beauty onto the Roll Royce

He came back 1 year later and was not disappointed. The shade and tone of the color were perfectly conveyed and transferred to the bodywork of a Roll Royce. Counting this in and he has the 10th Roll Royce that shows his passion towards the brand. All of the color presented on his car has the prefix "Fux", such as Fux Yellow, Fux deep purple, Fux blue, Fux red...and the list goes on. The Fux blue with a white-toned furniture is the "Fux" he has ever commissioned.

a fux blue Roll Royce

Fux Blue is the first color that Mr. Fix has ever commissioned on a Roll Royce car, in 2015

"This is beneficial for us in two ways" Mr. Muller from Roll Royce commented. "He is buying from us and at the same time challenge us to be a better version of ourselves, thus preserving the brand name". In a way, Mr. Fux is like a generous teacher, who would stop by the door of his special "student Roll Royce" once every few years and give an assignment, which has to be done to perfection.

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