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How seriously do you consider car color before you buy a car? As weird as it sounds, your car color has a whole lot to say about you.

1. Car color

Just like a fingerprint or a snowflake, we're all different and peculiar, made up of tiny little things that go a long way in saying a lot about who we are. Sometimes we might think that the little choices we make in our daily life are arbitrary, we feel that we just happen to like a particular food, a specific type of pet, or a certain car color.

These little choices of the best car paint sometimes seem meaningless and random to us, but they actually divulge certain confidential things about the type of person we truly are.


For instance, when picking a particular car color paint, there could be numerous criteria like trends, brands, models that would affect our choice or you could feel your choice is just based on the fact that you simply like the color of the car you chose. While this could be true, something else could be responsible, too, like the car color actually affects the fuel economy.

Playing an important role in one's color choice is what is known as color psychology. This form of psychology assumes that individual characteristics and behavior have something to do with the specific car color chosen or car color paint preferred. Although it is not certain that people rely on car coloring to make conclusions or judgments about others, speculation could still be made about the certain type of behavioral features you possess based on car color chosen.

Before we go into a detailed breakdown of what each of the most popular car colors says about their owners, let's have a look at the different car colors or paint you will surely find across the country.

2. Car color list in Nigeria

The followings are some car colors you will easily find across Nigeria:

  • Green and its different shades like Moss green
  • Black
  • Blue and its various shades
  • White
  • Red, along with its various shades
  • Gray and its various shades like shadow gray, anchor gray and charcoal gray
  • Silver
  • Different shades of Brown like wood brown, cedar brown, and cinnamon brown

3. Car color change in Nigeria

Nigerians are ever trendy, and it is common for car owners to custom car colors or change the colors or paints of their rides from time to time. Different methods are available to do so. They include:

  • Oven bake
  • Auto base

In recent industry research by Axalta, two particular car paint colors (gray and white) were found to be the most popular car colors in Africa, Nigeria included. However, a closer look at the country shows that Red color seems to be the best car paint for Nigerians, closely followed by silver and black. Other colors, along with their different shades, that make a strong bid for market control have been blue and gray.

I must also add that an increasing number of Nigerians are beginning to experiment with some really bright colors like unconventional shades of yellow and violet, as well as other custom car colors and a mix of different car spray paint. Before you go ahead on that paint job, here is a checklist before you paint your car that you should consider.

4. Car color chart

You can see below the most common car color chart in Nigeria.


Different Color Shades

Green  car-color-green
 Blue car-color-blue
 Red car-color-red
 Gray car-color-gray
Brown  car-color-brown

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5. What your car color says about you

1. Silver color car

Silver is apparently one of the best car colors and one of the most popular color choices when looking at the car color chart. It is a very practical and popular color choice for so many reasons. One of them being the high visibility it offers. Silver car color is a sign of exquisiteness, composure, and some level of serenity.

Car owners who tend to go with silver have a tendency for being business inclined, optimistic, and energetic. The ability of the silver color to hide scratches and little tarnishes also contributes to the driver’s affinity towards it.

Studies have also shown that silver color owners do not have the desire to stand out, they just want to fit in and be normal, and perhaps may have little pride or interest in cars or in material things in general.


A. Silver 2020 Lincoln Aviator

2. White cars

The color white is seen as a choice for perfectionists; individuals who always want things to be in the right order and perhaps individuals who are excessively addicted to cleanliness. It also could be seen as an option for individuals who do not care about getting extreme and somewhat unnecessary attention.

There is a high probability that people who choose this car color are extroverts, individuals who are very outgoing, have a strong affinity for the group and social situations. White sometimes is associated with having a simple mindset, so it could suggest a contented individual with a high sense of simplicity.


A white 2020 Hyundai Elantra

3. Black cars

Color black comes with a certain type of beauty, depicting elegance and confidence. Drivers who go for black are often resolute and strong or at least want to be seen this way, and usually love being in control. Though it could also indicate a strong desire to gain social status and respect.

Spy and most action movies use black cars because of the charisma and character associated with the color. So going for a black color could also be seen as a kind of survival instinct. Wanting to be unseen or unnoticed or a way of being under the radar.

4. Red and Yellow color cars

The color kind of portrays an owner who faces challenges head-on with an aggressive mindset but doesn't necessarily indicate anger. It is a very dominant option in the car color chart, usually tallying with someone who has a taste for life, and someone whose personality is a bit outgoing. Going for this option is a sign of the individual's boldness when dealing with attention from people, probably an individual who is socially assured, having a strong affinity for attention.

Red-colored cars are ranked as one of the safest, probably due to its visibility. This may indicate that its driver is a reasonable and realistic minded person.


Yellow Lamborghini Centenario Coupe


Red Lamborghini Huracan

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5. Bright unconventional car colors

Over the years bright and unconventional colors have become quite popular for example bright shades of blue, some orange variants, and bright green. As a result of being unconventional, it is quite obvious that individuals who go for this option are persons that have a strong affinity for self-expression, rarity, peculiarity, and uniqueness.

This affinity exceeds the desire to fit in among others. They could also be seen as individuals who are open-minded, so open that they are ready to try out new experiences. As open-minded individuals, they are quite spontaneous, having amazing inbound thoughts that surface as an expression of creativity.


Unconventional car body paint is becoming a lot more common across the country

6. Grey colour car

Although having a resemblance to silver, they are still different reasons why grey color is picked. A Grey color car is way darker than most colors in the car color chart which indicates that safety is less likely to be an option for it being picked. The incentive for going for grey is always that desire to be unique and peculiar yet not attracting undue attention.

Grey is less common than silver which gives us another hint about its owner, wanting to have a sense of individuality. According to a 2014 study by RepoKar Public Auto Auction, grey car owners are individuals who have a relaxed mindset, flawless taste for things. They are individuals who have a high degree of maturity and never seek to be flashy.


By now you should surely be nodding in agreement or maybe stubbornly saying no to some of the points above. But we must say that there are definitely going to be exceptions to the points made above, so please don't crucify us if you all among this very small category. We hope you enjoyed reading every single line, please do well to share this articles link across your social media pages for others to enjoy too.

Remember recoating your car is often expensive, so you need to know how to protect your car paint.

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