What can you do with 6 million Nairas? Let's buy the slowest car in the world!


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Do you have some extra money to spare and much time to kill, why not spend it on the slowest car in the world?

When we decide to get out into the market and look for a car, any car, surely speed will pop up in one way or another. And whenever someone asks about the speed of the car, more often than not they're asking about the TOP SPEED. After all, we have all seen the scenes from Fast and Furious, and secretly wish we'll be able to be like that someday.

two men and their car

We all secretly want to look like these guys from "The Fast and Furious" someday, don't we?

But how about laying back a bit and drive the slowest car ever? Besides saving fuel and less emission for the environment (hint: it's an electric model) you could also feel a slow-paced lifestyle which you rarely have these days. 

Enough with the teasing, what is it?

Let's not wait anymore, it bears the name of the manufacturer Peel Engineering, Peel P50. Being the slowest and at the same time the smallest car ever recorded by the Guinness World Records, it travels at max around 45km/h. If you ask me, this is still slower than the 50-year-old motorbike of my Grandpa.

the angular front of the PEEL P50

It's so slow that even an old motorbike could outrun this car!

Let's get to the details

P50 is a 3-wheeled, 1.3m-long vehicle and was introduced in 1962. With this dimensions, it is also the officially smallest car in the world. Its production was once put into a halt in 1969 but then reintroduced in 2010. Now it has 2 options to choose from, the regular gas options and the electric one. In the beginning, it only had one door on the left and could not go in reverse.

But that's not a problem since it's only 60 kilograms, which can be towed around by a special handle on the outside of the car. Now that it was brought back to life, some minor adjustments were adopted in the steering and also a reverse gear has been added.

 the Peel P50 running on the road

If you want to park, simply tow it around like a heavy suitcase!

The Smallest Car in the World at the BBC - Top Gear - BBC

The electric version of this car is equipped with a 4-stroke engine that produces 4.2 hp and the fuel version produces, surprisingly, only 3.35 hp. Its modern version is equipped with a shiftless transmission instead of a 3-speed.

So, should we buy it at all?

Well if you have around 5.8 million Nairas to spare (and also abundant time) you can try getting one home. If you're a normal person and are sober, there are many used vehicles that come with the same price but offer much more features. The only advantage we could think of is it's more efficient than...walking and you can literally park it in one of your room.

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