See what world’s second richest man Bill Gates said about EVs after buying an electric Porsche Taycan


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World's second richest man Bill Gates has given his opinion on EVs after acquiring an electric Porsche Taycan for himself. What did he say?

Bill Gates is a tech guru, businessman, investor and Philanthropist with a net worth of $108.8 billion. He recently lost his first spot to Jeff Bezos as the richest man on the planet. Hardly will you see anyone on the planet who doesn’t know this great and amazing icon.


Porsche's first-ever electric car also happens to the very first electric car to be acquired by the world's second-richest man

According to the report, the second richest man in the world discussed his work with Marques Brownlee, a tech Youtuber. During the interview, Gates gave an insight into the emerging all-electric technology in the auto industry, which he regarded as one of the most positive ways for the reduction of harmful emissions.

Gates disclosed his recent purchase of the Porsche Taycan, which was his first-ever electric car. He believes that a lot of car manufacturers are moving at speed of light to join the list of electric car manufacturers.


Bill Gates recently gave an exclusive interview to a tech Youtuber on what he feels about electric cars

Gates said:

“I just got a Porsche Taycan, which is an electric car – and I have to say, well it’s a premium price car, but it’s very, very cool. That’s my first electric car, and I’m enjoying it a lot.”

Bill Gates was quick to respond to the query on what could discourage people from purchasing electric cars, by admitting that it will obviously be the high cost of these cars in the market.

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On a single charge, Gates' all-electric Porsche Taycan can easily reach 310 miles in range

For the Porsche Taycan electric recently acquired by Gates, it offers a range of 310 miles on a single charge from its 93.0 kWh battery pack. The Taycan, which is the first’s Porsche electric car, is capable of accelerating from zero to 62 mph in a remarkably below 3.5 seconds. The Turbo S, which is the top range model, reaches its acceleration milestone in just 2.8 seconds.

He said:

“If you want to go long-distance, the pervasiveness of recharging, the time to recharge, compared to filling up a tank of gas,”

“The amount of energy that’s going in per minute of filling your gas tank is kind of mindblowing,” Gates continued.

“Gasoline is very dense energy – 30 times more dense than the current lithium battery.”

The tech giant during the discussion highlighted some of the many benefits of buying an electric car aside from the popular conception of eco-friendliness, which includes low maintenance cost an end to buying gas.

Talking Tech and 2020 with Bill Gates!

One of the many challenges of acquiring electric cars is the high cost of insuring them, which is a bit more expensive than conventional cars.

To get a Porsche Taycan electric, it comes at a retail price of ₦55 million, which doesn’t include shipping fees and clearing costs in Nigeria.

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