What are the 5 oldest and 5 youngest airlines in Africa? Find out now!


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Dana Airlines or Air Peace is one of the most popular airlines in Nigeria is, sadly, having oldest aircrafts in Africa.

Our previous post on the 5 best airports in Africa reveals the uneasy truth that Nigeria, as well as many other African countries, has been lagging far behind from the top nations in the continent like South Africa in terms of investing in the air traffic system.

Dana Airlines or Air Peace is one of the most popular airlines in Nigeria is, sadly, having oldest aircraft in Africa. The most compelling reason for this is for the sake of cost reducing. These airlines' strategies focus on buying Tokunbo aircraft for their business, which partly contributes to the low-tech air system of the country. Some of their fleets are ready for retirement while some have been dormant for years without service.

List of the oldest airlines in Africa

1. Dana Airlines

The airline take possession of 6 aircraft and all of them are MD-80s. Even the youngest member that joined the fleet in 2014 is now 22-year-old while the most aged member is the 28-year-old 5N-SAI.

Dana Airlines aircraft

Dana Airlines

2. Air Peace

Most of Air Peace members can now literally legally get married with an average age of 19. The airline is a loyal user of the Boeing 737 aged 22.3 years on average. Two Boeing 777s have an average age of 18.1 years old while two Boeing 737-500 are 25 and 26 respectively.

Staff of Air Peace

Air Peace

3. Medview

Medview airline has 3 Boeing 737-400 with an average age of 20.9, two Boeing 767 23.6 years old and two Boeing 777-200 16.7 years old.

Medview plane


4. Azman Air Services

It has two Boeing 737-300 and two 737-500 which are now 20.9 years of age on average.

Azman Air Services flight

Azman Air Services

5. Max Air

Most of the aircraft from Max Air fleet are above the age of 20. The youngest of the fleet is the Embraer ERJ-145 which is less than others 10 years of age.

People going on board Max Air

Max Air

List of the youngest airlines in Africa

1. Ethiopia Airlines

Besides being the largest airline in Africa with 104 aircraft, Ethiopia Airlines is generous in investment, loyal to the idea of best service gathers best customers. The most aged member in its fleet is model Boeing 767. Six units of the model have an average age of 16.3. Other aircraft in the fleet are mostly around or under 5.

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2. Kenya Airways

Kenya Airways has 39 aircraft which are 6.8 years old on average.

Kenya Airways taking off

Kenya Airways

3. Royal Air Maroc

51 aircraft of Royal Airways is calculated to be aged 11.4 on average.

Royal Air Maroc veering

Royal Air Maroc

4. South Africa Airways

Though having the oldest trio Boeing 737 getting 27.5 years old, South Africa Airways still gets an impressive average age of 11 years.

South Africa Airways flying

South Africa Airways

5. Rwandair

17 Rwandair’s aircraft has an average of 7.1 years.

Rwandair in the air


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