West Africa auto spare parts exhibition to be held in Lagos this November


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November 6-8, 2019, auto spare parts industry in West Africa will gather in Lagos to exhibit the latest car parts in the sector. If you are an automotive fan, you shouldn't miss this chance, see its details here!

A new international trade show called the West African Automotive Show (WAAS) is about to be organized in Lagos, in November. The event will be gathering participants in the auto parts industry all over West African countries.

According to the organizers, about 100 exhibitors are expected to converge in Lagos to rub minds together, form new business ties and exhibit the latest products and advancements in car spare parts and related service sector. There, auto parts manufacturers, dealers, and suppliers will get the opportunity to discuss and discover best practice for the auto parts industry, as they also learn more about the trends in the car manufacturing sector.

Time & Location of West African auto spare parts exhibition

The exhibition will be held at Landmark Center, Victoria Island Lagos. The date is reported to be November 6th- 8th, 2019.

As gathered by Naijauto, admission is free and about 3000 visitors from West Africa are expected to grace the event. Nigerian auto parts businesses have been given a 30% slot to exhibit their products. Representatives from China, Morocco, small groups from Egypt, Thailand, India, and Tunisia will also have a pavilion each at the exhibition.

Reports say the organizers are BtoB Events and that over the previous year, they’ve been able to put up two successful shows in Lagos: Beverage West Africa and Beauty West Africa and Food.


The event will take place at Landmark Centre on Victoria Island

And now, BtoB Events' MD, Jamie Hill, has hopes of bringing the West African automotive industry together in one place as he inaugurates WASS.

He said,  

"We have a wealth of international exhibitors looking to bring high-tech equipment to Nigeria for the first time and a large number of local exhibitors are looking to expand their business and increase exports to surrounding countries."

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Opportunities for Nigerian automotive industry in WASS

Taking advantage of Nigeria's position as the largest populous country in Africa, BtoB will launch WASS in Lagos, having recognized Nigeria as a potential car hub of Africa and boasting of more than 11.5 million vehicles on Nigerian roads.

He stated,

With over 60% of vehicles on the road being over 12 years old, there is a huge aftermarket industry. The need for high quality and affordable spare parts is becoming increasingly important,” said Mr Hill.

There is also a real hunger to boost the local assembly of vehicles across the country with the 2013 National Automotive Industry Development plan (NAIDP). With more assembly plants being set up, this again significantly increases the demand for spare parts. We are committed to supporting Nigeria reach its forecast of having 70% of new cars sold being assembled or manufactured domestically by 2050

WASS has been endorsed by National Automotive Design and Development Council (NADDC). The founding partner of the event is Auto Spare Part and Machinery Distributors Association (ASPMDA).


The WASS event will gather auto spare parts dealers from West Africa in Lagos

BtoB Events' MD continued,

"ASPMDA represents the largest spare part market across Africa and acts as the re-export hub for sub-Saharan Africa. No other country on the continent can boast a trade hub such as ASPMDA with over 20,000 member businesses, so Nigeria immediately positions itself as the most important for foreign exporters."

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The secretary of the committee set up by ASPMDA, Leonard Okoye explained that,

"ASPMDA is supporting WAAS as an inroad to meet other manufacturers in the competitive market of automobile industry. The advice for stakeholders in the auto industry is that they should continue to attend all exhibitions because learning is a continuous process.

The event organizers are also holding a small seminar as a way to support Nigerian businesses at the event."

Mr. Hill said,

"It is great to give the local companies a platform to grow their market share, increase exports and highlight that the Nigerian original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are not out of place amongst the global companies

At the same time, local entrepreneurs will be able to meet with their overseas counterparts and see what the global aftermarket industry has to offer with a range of products from across four continents."

Contacts of WASS organization committee

For further inquiries about the exhibition, the car parts community should visit WASS website or contact Ken Baber via ken.baber@btob-events.com

The show is free and open to auto spare parts manufacturers, distributors, assemblers, retailers, commercial garages, fleet operators and mechanics.


You can register to attend WASS on their website

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