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Car trends and fads are exciting innovations and additions to vehicles to give added value. But not all trends work. Check out the weirdest trends out there!

Okay, trends and fads exist everywhere, in every field of human endeavor, so of course they are present in automotive also.  If you think that you have seen the weirdest trends or fads in perhaps fashion , then you wait until you have seen or heard that of automobiles.

Some auto fads looked very cool when they were first introduced; fast forward a bit down the line, and they just look weird now. When a trend is minimal and functonal is cool, but too many gizmos will have your car looking lke the star player rom the movie Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Below are listed some of the most weird car manias you definitely will find interesting, collected by Naijauto.com!

1. Intentional car rust

This car fad obviously made some sense to some people since it did in fact exist, but to some car enthusiasts, it just spelt trouble. Some car owners find it stylish to purposely leave their car bodies to rust so the exterior appearance stands out. The more reason why this trend seems confusing is that we have always advocated that part of taking care of your car and maintaining it to ensure it lasts long includes washing and waxing your car so as to prevent rust. So weird, right?

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Intentional rust? More like intentional buy a new car plan, don't you think?

2. Fake engine noise

A lot of car buyers about to make a purchase always check up on how noisy the engine of a car is, since for many, it can be a major turnoff. Mandatorily, bonnet lids are put on the engine and the exhaust to minimize or reduce noise. Of course with the advance in EV tech, the days of noisy cars seems to have gone the way of the dinosaurs. Which is why it’s baffling when, these days, automakers have to look out for some people who actually enjoy this noise; they integrate a fake engine noise through the audio system for them. This makes no sense, but whatever works for you, isn’t it?

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3. Massive grilles

Car grilles are built into a car to permit air to enter and to cool and protect the radiator and engine. We have seen small to the moderate grilles and all these still perform their functions effectively. What we find weird is automakers incorporating massive grilles that cover almost the entire front of the car. After all, no one complains of a car malfunctioning because of grille size, so why the ante up?


This looks like the planet just got a new problem: lack of air cos Mr BMW here sucked it all up!

4. Spinning rims

This drove many people crazy especially when they remembered that un-sprung weight in a car can result in a car performing less optimally. Glad this particular trend is gently becoming extinct but there was a time many car enthusiasts added spinning rims to their car chrome or alloy wheel. This is just giving your vehicle an overload. In Nigeria, it’s still a trend for motorcycles but we can't compare the weight distribution to a car.

750Li On 30 Inch Spinning Rims !!

5. Family stickers

We can understand the 'baby on board' sticker but definitely not the family stickers. We don't just understand why some car users do this; it's simply awkward because almost every car has children in them. There is no need advertising you are a family person. What is the most memorable family sticker you ever saw? Mine is below- I think.

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Family stickers span the gamut from informational to abusive to just plain wacko

6. Pool in car-truck

This one was absolutely hilarious. In trying to be innovative do not ever try the fad of turning your old car truck-bed to a swimming pool. This is just begging on both knees to be electrocuted as we know that water and electric are not the best friends, or are too friendly, depending on how you look at it. Also, there is no way water can be prevented from splashing on the road when you encounter speed bumps or potholes, so you are risking other lives as well.


What's wrong with a regular pool? The upside? No electric shock!

7. Wood panels

In the 1950s when steel became more affordable, the industry began to nudge away from wooden car panels. Newsflash today, some car enthusiasts and even automakers won't let this go. This stylish design is can be a waste because it will almost guarantee that you periodically repair or change the wooden panel. How will you prevent this wood from going bad when it’s always in contact with sun, rain or dust? No matter how tough or strong your wood is, exposing it to these things will damage it. Some even go as far as faking it with synthetic wood. Major urghh!

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8. Camera for side mirrors

This fairly recent trend may look techy and highly innovative but it has some major faults like we discovered when our batteries ran out on our kindles. What happens you’re your side camera packs up right on the expressway? Having side mirrors with the cameras in addition would seem the best option. It’s great if every car owns this because of the numerous benefits but don't completely remove the car side mirror for the camera. Some things just don’t need fixing.


Some things just don't need fixing,like the good old side mirrors

9. Pop-up car handles

Some automakers are now replacing the traditional car handle for a pop-up one. By this, you can't physically grab your car handle but wait for it to completely pop up before proceeding to open your car door. The above may seem perfectly reasonable but this is what gives it the weird badge.  If the pop up ever goes faulty, good luck entering into your car, and make that double-good luck if it’s an emergency.

The Jaguar I-Pace and some Tesla cars have this feature, and some users in countries where there is a high snowfall level have complained about their car handles getting stuck. You might hit the handle once or twice for it to pop up, but what of days when hitting it doesn't work? All that stress just to open a car door.

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10. Complete touch screen for the traditional dashboard console

Having a good touch screen on your car dashboard is normal and lovable but what might be considered weird is to completely overhaul the dashboard center console in favor of one gigantic touch screen. There is nothing wrong with having some buttons for controlling AC and a few other things. Moreover, accessing the touch screen for all functionality in your car, while driving is not so practical or comfortable.  Further, some users have complained of the normal touchscreens of their cars being too slippery to manipulate; imagine having a screen that then does everything.


Innovation is great, but it should make things easier, right? Scanning this massive screen for the function you need while driving? 

While trends are good and are the sign posts to progress, let’s watch to make sure that fad is actually making it a better driving experience.

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