The wedding car of the year: the backhoe could stimulate the creativity among couples for their wedding!


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A backhoe loader vehicle can be used as a wedding car?

Many people come up with a crackpot idea to make their wedding impressive and memorable as it’s among the most meaningful occasions of a lifetime. Like the couple in this case, they went viral on social platforms when taking an incredible action – using a backhoe loader car as their wedding car. Continue to read the article on to learn more about this amazing car.


There would be no-one forgets this unique wedding

In the video, we can see the backhoe decorated with white bridal materials and pink balloons while the bride, and two little flower girls were sitting in the loader joyfully. The bride wearing a beautiful white gown was so happy as having waved the paper fan to the camera.

Surprisingly, following the backhoe was a convoy of many luxurious automobiles from famous car brands such as Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, etc. That may raise a question on viewers’ mind, why the couple chose a construction car? Some humorous netizens told that the couple might work in the construction industry or sell construction equipment so they do that to advertise their company. Whatever, we just can guess the answer but can’t know what it is.

The place of the unique wedding remains unknown, but it’s believed to have happened in somewhere of Nigeria.

Now, let's watch the video:

Video: Couple uses construction cars as their wedding car (Source: Instagram @sweet_maame_adwoa)

This wedding seems not to be the first case. Previously in June 2018, an Indian bridegroom used the same vehicle to take his new wife to home in their wedding day. According to the groom, he wanted to mark his wedding with the backhoe which has stuck around him for so long and helped him to earn for a living.

Video: Indian Newlyweds Ride Backhoe In Wedding Procession

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