This 5-year-old boy single-handedly drives a heavy-duty loader tractor


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This prodigy will leave you speechless!

The quality of the video may reveal it was recorded quite long ago but still, this is epic!

Video: 5yr old boy drives front loader, video will leave you speechless

This is Wang Shuhan, 5, a Chinese boy who is a great apprentice of his construction worker father. Seeing him single-handedly stay in charge of a huge loader tractor may even make us envious. The video discloses Wang might have got used to this job for years. Or else, he couldn’t perform an excellent job only experienced tractor drivers could emulate.

Wang Shuhan driving the loader tractor

Do you think it is a precarious job for such a kid?

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His father revealed to the media:

“I sometimes explain to him the functions of the gears within the compartment, and when he was 3 he asked me to have a try. Amazingly, he did it”

Do you think it is a precarious job for such a kid? Or appraise the idea?

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