Dubai's futuristic transportation pods that look like in a Sci-Fi movie


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Dubai never ceases to amaze the world, really! Check out these one-of-a-kind cars tailored for the super super rich in this city!

Every time we hear the word "Dubai", something mesmerizing will likely emerge. In the past, they had the reputation for creating firefighter teams that can fly, offices that are not constructed but instead printed, and countless other things. And it's just wrong not to mention their artificial islands, whose design can leave even the most innovative architect in awe.

Dubai Sci-Fi transportation ideas

They didn't plan to stop. Recently, their newest means of transport was revealed to the general public. The team which created this pod is from the US, but its design is something out of this world, with two slightly slanted walls and the maximum capacity of 6 people. Though it's seemingly not very aerodynamic, it can reach up to 80 km/h running at its full capacity.

2 NEXT cars running on a Dubai road

a NEXT car in Dubai

Dubai never fails to impress the world, and its latest invention once again proves this truth

This is just one small piece of a bigger picture, which was calculated carefully by the Dubai administration and are planned to be fully developed by 2030, with the name Dubai Future Accelerators. Its ultimate goal is to transform a fourth of the total daily transportation to automatical.

The R&D teams are expected to receive more than N148 million to work on the project. There are 2 prototypes to the vehicle, which can travel individually or as one. When needed, two individual pods will merge together as one to save the road space.

At the first stage, the vehicle will run only on predetermined paths so that it can be monitored more easily. On later stages, it is only natural that we would use an app to operate and be a part of this vehicle, similar to a whole host of other services like Grab, Uber or GoJek...

2 NEXT vehicles and 2 men

It can be able to run on the road individually or docked together as one vehicle

That's just one of the technology that Dubai's administration has set their eyes on. One of the more daring projects they're planning is the Hyperloop projects, which help its citizen travel to all major cities within the country in virtually no time.

Also, the no-driver taxi using networks of Tesla S and X are on its ways, which they promise that signal lights will no longer be needed as cars will be able to talk to each other, thus slowing down or speeding up automatically and from afar.

Of course, smart vehicles could not operate on a "dumb" roads. The infrastructure of Dubai is also innovated accordingly to match the development of auto technologies. The exact date to finish all tasks is not revealed yet but they said it should be somewhere in late 2018.

See how the vehicles operate from up-close

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