Watch dazzling Saudi sidewalk skiing performances

03/14/2018 Same topic: Highlights of the week
Have you ever seen sidewalk skiing on Nigerian streets?

“Sidewalk skiing,” which is seen as a genuine pastime in Saudi Arabia, is an act of balancing the car on two wheels.

Saudi Arabians in 'sidewalk skiing' craze

This activity can be done in one of two ways:

  • turning sharply, or at high speed, in a vehicle with a strong center of gravity (a 4x4 for example);
  • or using a ramp to lift the vehicle into position

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As soon as the car is on two wheels, the controller has to steer to keep it upright while the performers must let the air out of the tires on the ground to sustain the balance.

sidewall skiing

“Sidewalk skiing” is seen as a genuine pastime in Saudi Arabia

Back in 1964, sidewalk skiing stunt was first recorded in Denmark. Since then, this type of spectacular performance has been used in a host of famous movies such as Transformers, The Dukes of Hazzard, Knight Rider and two James Bond movies.

Now, let’s have a peek at the incredible images below which show Saudi Arabian adrenaline junkies performing sidewalk skiing in their 4x4 Toyota SUV.

sidewall skiing

sidewall skiing

sidewall skiing

sidewall skiing

sidewall skiing

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