Want to impress your girl with car expertise? Learn these 16 facts!


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Girls surely find more interest in men knowledgeable about cars. Memorize these 30 minutes before your meet-up!

I bet many of our readers can be able to name 99% of all extravagant brands in the auto industry. But when it comes to the details of a car, the same number of people shake their heads. Knowing those facts wouldn't be much helpful per se, but who knows if someday you're gonna be on the "Who's the millionaire" show and one of the following facts is in the final question? Or maybe use these to impress your girlfriend who's also a car enthusiast or something of the sort

16 facts around the automobile industry

  1. Many English words are borrowed from another language, "automobile" is no exception. This word originated in French, which roughly translates to "self-moving".
  2. Ferdinand Verbiest invented the first car in 1672 and it DID NOT have the steering wheels, The driver would steer by some sort of crowbar.
  3. Karl Benz invented the first car powered by engines in 1885, Germany. Another man named Karl Friedrich made the first engine that run on gasoline in 1885, also in Germany.

    Karl Benz's first car

    The very first car by Karl Benz

  4. When the auto industry was still in its infancy, there were not as many components in a car like today. To give you an analogy, in 1985, the engine of the Escort car from Ford only takes 40 seconds to be replaced.
  5. The first windscreen wiper was created because a woman was annoyed being unable to see through the foggy windshield.
  6. An engine that uses a nitro-methane boost could momentarily give a 6000 BHP worth of power!
  7. The community with the most car per capita is the one in Luxembourg, Germany with more than 569 cars in 1000 people.
  8. In 1982, a Japanese manufacturer established its nation's first manufacturing facility in the US.
  9. With the birth of wheeled vehicles, many law and legislative bills were introduced to match its fast-paced development, one of them is the "Locomotive act" that prevents any wheeled vehicle to go faster than 4km/h in the city and 6 km/h in the suburb.
  10. A Ford car which now must be bought with millions of Nairas used to worth just over 200 thousand Nairas. Also, there were only 107 of the Ford GT40 and only 7 of which were on the road.

    a white Ford car

    Ford cars used to be sold at over N200,000

  11. The longest line of traffic jam was more than 170 kilometers, resulting from millions of vacationers getting back to Paris from Lyon in 1980. Come second is the 160-kilometer line in Hamburg, Germany in 1993.
  12. Having been famous for being the cheapest destination for IT outsourcing, India also produced the cheapest car in the world and named it TATA Nano.
  13. The first ever bought car insurance was in Westfield, Massachusetts somewhere in the late 19s.
  14. It takes less than 50 miliseconds for a car's airbag to inflate after detecting a collision.
  15. The most manufactured car was, unsurprisingly, the Toyota Corolla with 32 million cars sold since its first appearance on the market. 
  16. Until 2010, more than a fourth of all worldwide vehicles were in the US, which was 250 million compared to the total 1 billion.
If these are not enough, here are sixteen more for you!
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