Video of Volvo Vera electric self-driving Hauler vehicle running on public road in Sweden


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Believe it or not, the Volvo Vera autonomous/self-driving hauler has begun transporting large containers around on Sweden public roads. See its videos here!

Sometimes last year, we featured an article here on that reveals expected design and specifications of the Volvo Vera electric self-driving truck. Guess what?

The anticipation is over. Volvo Vera autonomous hauler truck is here and now operating on public roads in Sweden! The Sweden-based luxury auto brand, Volvo has recently launched the very first operational test-run of its autonomous all-electric Vera Hauler vehicle this month.

In the videos posted by the automaker, the Vera could be seen successfully transporting goods in a container to a terminal from a logistic center within a port in Gothenburg city, Sweden.

Volvo had launched this project in a partnership with DFDS (a logistics and ferry company) with the sole purpose of developing and testing out its Vera truck’s technology.

See the released video capturing the Volvo Vera’s first operation;

  Volvo Trucks - Autonomous vehicle Vera’s first assignment

The Volvo Vera is currently able to drive at a 25 mph (40km/h) speed limit on some pre-defined routes partly public roads and partly industrial areas.

It might seem a bit too early for anyone to claim that this Volvo Vera is now completely autonomous because the hauler vehicle is still being monitored for now by a human operator stationed in a specific control tower and being responsible for managing the transport operations of the Vera. Nonetheless, it’s a good first step to see the vehicle in operation.

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Volvo Vera will first run on pre-defined roads, including a part of public roads

Read the official statement released on this Vera’s launch and operation below;

"In 2018, Volvo Trucks presented its first electric, connected and autonomous solution, designed for repetitive assignments in logistics centres, factories and ports. Vera is suited for short distances, transporting large volumes of goods with high precision."

"The aim is to implement a connected system consisting of several Vera vehicles monitored by a control tower. The purpose is to enable a seamless and constant flow responsive to demands on greater efficiency, flexibility and sustainability. The collaboration with DFDS is a first step towards implementing Vera in a real transport assignment on pre-defined public roads in an industrial area."

Aren’t we already in the future now?

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Oluwaseun Solomon
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