Volvo takes you into the future with its matchmaker autonomous car


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Volvo is spreading joy by creating an autonomous matchmaker vehicle that'll give people the opportunity to build relationships in person! Check it out!

The word “matchmaker” is common in discussions about dating and relationships, with no connection to cars. Volvo is about to change the narrative as it begins work on the creation of Volvo Intersection, a futuristic car that will bring people closer than ever. This has a ground to thrive especially given the high level of interactions people engage in on their Smartphones. There’s always someone to chat with online.


Volvo is aiming at young generations who love "speed dating"

But sometimes, we find ourselves all alone. Our lovely friends and family are indisposed for reasons beyond their control. Rather than let people wallow in loneliness, Volvo is being proactive by finding a solution to such a problem.

Volvo Intersection is placing priority on the personal relationships of people. The concept of the autonomous vehicle was developed on the premise of creating joy. The development of technology has given us more reasons to get glued to their mobile devices.


Volvo car concepts always prioritize passengers' interaction

While it might look as though we are having the fun of our life by interacting with diverse people online, the reality is that we are fast forgetting the value derived from actually meeting people in the real world. The joyful emotion created when you are in the midst of those you care about is priceless. Volvo recognizes this, and is committed to preserving it.


This Volvo concept car promises all comfort from different entertainment means

Created by Hanum Jeong and JungHyun Kim, Volvo Intersection has creatively blended several features, giving room for unlimited possibilities in vehicles that are autonomous. It takes the form of the dating app Tinder. People in the same location are connected by mutual interest of each party to meet one another. To ensure that users meet the specific kind of persons they want to meet, it offers several questions for users to fill out their spec. With this, you are just a step away from meeting that special person who will make your relationship worthwhile. When it finally happens, you two can enjoy the luxury of Volvo Intersection.

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