Come 2020, new Volvo vehicles will be getting road-reading technologies


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Here comes a new safety system to help Volvo drivers detect the condition of roads ahead of them. Check below for the detailed description!

Volvo auto brand is stepping up on its future product lineups with their new safety system, which will be warning drivers ahead of slippery roads and hazards without any delay through a cloud-based network.

The future Volvo cars will have the capacity to alert drivers on the state of the roads and any upcoming hazards without delaying the notification. This is made possible by a new safety technology connected to the car and every European model will have them embedded by 2020.

As gathered, the safety technology comprises of two systems: Slippery Road Alert and Hazard Light Alert.

The Slippery Road Alert will be increasing Volvo drivers’ awareness of the current condition of roads. This does so by anonymously collecting information on the state of the roads from cars that are ahead and notifying drivers ahead of time before they get to any slippery section.


Volvo car collects information from cars ahead to inform its driver of road condition

And for the Hazard Light Alert made by the Swedish firm, Volvo says it will assist car drivers in preventing potential accidents. Any Volvo that has this technology fitted into it will switch the hazards lights on in other to use it. The safety system will transmit signals to all Volvo's that are compatible and close by, warning the drivers to be on the alert. Volvo also stated that it's mostly handy and effective on blind corners and the top of the hills.


Volvo technologies are developed on the cloud-based network

At present, the safety technology is only suitable for Volvos. However, the Swedish firm is eager to permit other automakers to have access to the system.

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Here's what the head of Volvo Safety Centre, Malin Ekholm said,

The more vehicles we have sharing safety data in real time, the safer our roads become. We hope to establish more collaborations with partners who share our commitment to safety.

From next year, all new Volvo's in European markets will have the safety system as a standard feature. According to the Swedish automaker, all of the models can have the technology reconstructed based on the Compact Modular Architecture, (CMA) and Scalable Product Architecture (SPA) platforms produced from the year 2016 and onwards.

Volvo wants to keep its drivers' safe while on the road with their new safety technology

This new Safety technology news is coming following the recent announcement Volvo made, that from 2020, it will electronically limit any car it manufactures to 112 mph. This is to help reduce the occurrence of accidents caused by speed. Also, in-car cameras will be fitted into the Volvo by 2020, to help detect drunk driving.

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