Volvo celebrates 60 years of promoting safety with digital library


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Volvo Cars is celebrating 60 years of sharing safety knowledge in the automotive industry with its open-for-all digital library. Find out what it's all about!

Volvo has just hit 60 years in business as an automotive brand. In celebration of this great feat, the company is making its safety knowledge resource available to the public. The knowledgebase which is a central digital library is open to all seeking car related information. The end-game of this gesture is to proffer road safety for motorists across the world.

This announcement from the company goes to show their commitment in prioritizing safety, in line with the company’s philosophy which is strongly built on safety for mankind. With six decades in its belt, the anniversary marks one of the most groundbreaking innovations in automotive safety history – the three point safety belt.


Volvo invented 3-point seat belt in 1959 and allowed other carmakers to use this design for free

Making its debut in 1959 under the umbrella of Volvo Cars, the three point safety belt is known to have saved not less than one million lives across the world since inception. Its safety measures aren’t restricted to the use of only Volvo cars but extend to the use of other automotive brands. This is as a result of the company’s commitment to share knowledge in enhancing traffic safety generally. Volvo has over the years prioritized the safety of consumers over its desire for financial gains.

In celebration of this milestone and staying true to its mission, the automaker has launched the E.V.A initiative. The project is geared toward acknowledging the efforts and contributions of the company in the area of research for advancement in car safety worldwide.

Speaking on this development, professor and senior technical specialist Volvo, Lotta Jakobsson, says: “We have data on tens of thousands of real-life accidents, to help ensure our cars are as safe as they can be for what happens in real traffic. This means our cars are developed with the aim to protect all people, regardless of gender, height, shape or weight, beyond the ‘average person’ represented by crash test dummies.”

Volvo cars are long renowned for their utmost safety

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