Volvo Announces major leap towards its electrified future with a range of new hybrid powertrains!


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The Volvo of the past is orthopaedic like we all know, but the Volvo of the future is fast and has advanced its technology a step further with its hybrids.

Naijauto feels it is no more news that all the big meats in the of automobile industry pot are all steaming themselves towards the electric engine future. Suffice to say that companies like Volkswagen, Mercedes, and Ford, are already working with a deadline to electrify all models in the not-so-distant future. Hence, it is natural that all others who wish to take part in the automobile of the future should follow the footsteps of the Teslas of this world.

Volvo won’t be left out now!

Volvo has decided to join the big players in this electrification sport, and has announced that moving forward its entire model will be designed with the newly developed and upgraded electrified powertrain options. Volvo’s target of fully electrifying its entire model range by 2025 looks very achievable with this giant leap into the future. With the upgrade of its existing T8 and T6 twin-engine plug-in hybrid powertrains, Volvo is set to make a remarkable progress in the electrification of its entire model considering it also planning to make  available the plug-in option on every model produced.


The XC90 pales its contemporaries with its state of the arts powertrain systems - simply dazzling! 

Here is the T8 and T6 improvement!

The upgraded T8 and T6 twin engine plug-in hybrids are both similar in technology with both having the latest battery and advanced brake-by-wire battery charging system. Both also have a 15% range increase and are available for the 90 and 60 series cars for the T8 as well as the V60 estate and S60 sedan for the T6 twin engine plug-in hybrid. The obvious difference between this two is basically in the power capacity with T6 having a smaller capacity to the 420 horsepower of the T8.


The 2019 XC60 with its upgraded twin engine system is just pure ecstasy to drive! 

Additionally Volvo is poised to offer its customers the opportunity to experience its new technology provided by its mild hybrid version of the petrol and diesel XC90 and XC60 SUV models. The mild hybrid (which basically is a mix of electric and mechanical power), will be introduced in the coming months for the first time. It promises its customers the advanced technology of the kinetic energy recovery braking system. It is also integrates fully with the internal combustion engine to give a new integrated electrified powertrain future through its new ‘B’ badge models.

Don’t miss the benefits too!

The major advantage of this new arrangement of powertrain and combustion engine is that it will serve to reduce fuel consumption and emission of up to 15% which Naijauto sees as being important for the real drivers on the street. This is as a result of the energy recovery system which will be interacting with the new brake-by-wire system to recover up to 15% kinetic energy that is usually lost during the braking process while driving.

Volvo XC60 T8 Twin Engine is by far one of the most effecient engines around!

What’s more, is that Volvo plans to produce their twin engine plug-in cars as a 25% of their total production based on their strategy and strong demand by its customers. The ‘B’ badged powertrain is expected to be the new standard for both the SPA (Scalable Product Architecture) based cars and the other cars. Customers will be able to choose between B5 mild hybrid petrol or diesel variant of and B4 diesel XC60 or a B6 petrol mild hybrid. For the XC90, it will be either B5 mild hybrid petrol or diesel or a B6 petrol mild hybrid. Other compact modular architecture based vehicles like the XC40 SUV will get a T5 twin engine petrol-plug-in hybrid with a T4 twin engine plug-in hybrid planned for a later date.

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Segun Ogunbiyi
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