Volkswagen's breakthroughs in 2019, announced by its CEO


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Have you heard that Volkswagen claims that this year 2019 is one of its most significant in the brand’s history? Read the full announcements here!

Recent reports reaching us here at as regards the Volkswagen group shows how the company’s boss stressed out the fact that this year 2019 is one of the most significant in its history.

On the 13th of March 2019, Ralf Brandstätter, the chief operating officer of the brand mentioned in his press statement that a “New Volkswagen” would be born this time around.

There are so many big events of Volkswagen to look out for like the launch of the new I.D electric hatchback production version which will be occurring at the September 2019 Frankfurt Auto Show, as well as the unveiling of the Golf MK8 set for few weeks after that. Volkswagen also plans to launch the T-Cross by the month of May this year as well as a 5-seat compact SUV targeted at the US auto market.

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Volkswagen also predicted that a massive 80% of its vehicles around the world will be based on its MQB platform which they first used back in the year 2012.

The company says that it aims to be the world’s “number 1 brand in e-mobility” and it also expects to have built up to one million BEV (Battery Electric Vehicles) by the year 2025. They also claim that their Zwickau new BEV production plant in Germany will help make sure that the whole I.D electric hatchback production process is totally CO2-neutral.

The brand claims that the battery cells are to be manufactured completely with “green electricity”. They also say this Zwickau plant will also be using this in manufacturing the I.D hatchback itself, while all the I.D models are to be recycled by the end of their working lives and re-used again.


Volkswagen says 2019 is very significant with its various investments in producing electric vehicles

The Volkswagen’s Zwickau plant has so far received a ₦487 billion (€1.2 billion) investment and has been said that will have 350,000 cars yearly capacity by the year 2021. It is also said that it will eventually produce up to 6 different models for Audi, Skoda, and Volkswagen brands.

The I.D hatchback entry-level is set to have a cost of under ₦12.1 million (€30,000). The company also plans to roll out a variant that has a 340 miles range although, the brand hasn’t stated the starting price for this particular model yet.

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By 8th of May this year, pre-orders for the Volkswagen I.D hatchback is due to start while its shipment is slated to start sometime around the latter end of this year as well. Both the new Golf and the I.D are planned to be connected to the all-new Volkswagen We Network Ecosystem in which all of the brand’s vehicles are to be given a registered sort of identity, that is meant to allow the brand directly contact the vehicle’s individual drivers when they want.


The Volkswagen I.D hatchback is going to storm the EV auto market starting from May 2019

These latest technologies and developments by Volkswagen will enable the drivers to have unlimited access to some useful live information like parking availability, weather and traffic updates all as software updates wirelessly as well as even contact various service departments.

The Volkswagen bosses claim that in the next few years to come, all the connected cars have up to a billion lines of code (Software) – that’s like 100 times that of any smartphone.

The company also revealed that it seriously expects a dramatic downfall of CO2 emissions in its fleet by early 2020 from the current 125g/km to as low as 95g/km.

Volkswagen also said that it suffered from the 2018 shortage of petrol engines which was a result of Europe’s shift away from diesel fuel that wasn’t really expected or properly planned for by the brand.

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