Check this rare $3m Volkswagen vintage collection that looks like a VW factory!


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Can anyone ever spend over ₦1.1 billion collecting very rare Volkswagen cars only? Well, this American comedian will blow your mind. See him here with his cars!

Gabriel Iglesias is a popular American actor and comedian known for one of his biggest Netflix comedy series titled “Mr Iglesias”. He is the one that has just blown our minds with his incredible choices of cars.

Even though Naijauto is packed with thousands of more cars than Gabriel Iglesias’ entire car collection – we definitely do not have the huge number of rare classic Volkswagen cars and buses owned by this comedian in his massive collection that is estimated to worth over ₦1.1 billion ($3 million). Yes, you read that right!

How Gabriel Iglesias became a Volkswagen collector

His special taste for such cars could be traced back in time to 17-years ago when he went ahead to purchase the 1968 Volkswagen Transporter (the one Nigerians call “Kombi bus”) as his first car. As at 2007, he had already turned into a Volkswagen collector with over 30 vintage cars and rare bus models in his fleet.  


Meet the American comedian Gabriel Iglesias – collector of rare Volkswagen bus and cars worth over ₦1.1 billion

When asked about his expensive rare Volkswagen car collection, the comedian said;

“Every time I do something, it’s in excess,”

“I don’t do drugs, I don’t drink, I really don’t have any bad habits. So, instead, I decided to do this. Every time I get a new item for my collection, I feel like a kid with a big new shiny toy. Right now, I just got a 1963 Bus and I’m already in love with it.”

“Every piece is a VW classic that came from Germany or the United States, with the exception of the fish tanks which are actually built from a 1967 VW Bus from Brazil”

Volkswagen cars in Gabriel Iglesias collection

Believe it or not; this Gabriel Iglesias has extremely rare and classic Volkswagen vehicles like;

  • a 1963 Bus with 15-windows
  • an old 1952 Barndoor Bus
  • very rare Beetle models from the years 1958, 1956, and 1950
  • also, set of fish tanks that match one another and have been made from two different halves of the old 1967 Volkswagen Bus

Gabriel Iglesias calls his incredible collections the “metal babies” and even works very closely with his team of different auto experts in restoring most of his VW finds as well as keeping them in perfectly running condition. And he sometimes drives most of the cars but only on brief trips.


Gabriel Iglesias values his rare Volkswagen car collection so much that he calls them “Metal babies”

During an interview, the comedian gave more details about his rare car collection when he said;

"I take a lot of care of my collection. You have to figure each one of these is like driving a luxury car with a really bad alarm system”

“You can pick the locks with a toothpick and start the engine with a screwdriver; when you have something that valuable, you have to take care of it”

“My museum right now is about eight cars away from being cool”

“You always have that attachment to your first car”

He also mentioned why he likes collecting these types of rare classic cars when he said;

“it’s an investment you can enjoy and drive, and when you sell them, they’ll be worth more.”


Gabriel Iglesias is actually making an auto museum out of his rare Volkswagen car collection

As funny as it may sound, the comedian doesn’t even have intentions of later selling any of these rare cars and buses even with each of them being currently valued around ₦36 million to ₦72 million ($100,000 - $200,000). Gabriel is instead is pressing towards having his own private museum that closely resembles Volkswagen’s factory in Wolfsburg, Germany. His own museum, however, will rather be located in the city of Long Beach, California even when he’s gone.

It’s remarkable but crazy funny, isn’t it?

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