Volkswagen Type 20 Microbus in form of an organic Retro EV


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Have you seen the Volkswagen Type 20 Microbus concept? Did you know it’s modelled as a typical Retro electronic vehicle? See the details and photo here!

The old Volkswagen Microbus has many times surfaced in our articles here on Naijauto just like the popular "Danfo" Volkswagen bus too. But last week, the German automaker revealed an all-new hot electric concept bus that is based on its iconic Volkswagen Type 2 vehicle which many people know by different names like; Microbus, Kombi, and Transporter.

Volkswagen Type 20 EV Concept – What’s new?

This new Volkswagen Type 20 concept is directly based on the 11-window 1962 VW Type 2 microbus but draws power from a 1-kWh battery as well as electric motors that deliver 120hp and 173 lb-ft of torque. It also features some impressive technologies such as a built-in digital assistant and biometric identification system.


The new Volkswagen Type 20 retro electric microbus resembles 1962 VW Type 2

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Volkswagen Type 20 EV Concept – The Design

The entire design of the new Volkswagen Type 20 concept is intentionally retro. Without paying much attention, you would at first glance believe that the vehicle is just an original 1962 VW Type 2 with a new and fancier “paint job”. But, when you look closely into the details of the organic strange shapes fitted to the seats, steering wheel, wheels, and mirror stalks.

These noticeable parts of the new concept microbus have been designed in a way to really shave weight but without losing strength in a similar way as some 3D-printed components.


There are quite a few details that make the new Volkswagen Type 20 retro electric microbus concept unique and hot

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The concept Microbus EV also comes with a neat infotainment system that shows 3D elements which require no special glasses for usage.

This concept bus also comes with a Porsche-designed pneumatic suspension that allows the ride height to be adjustable.

Volkswagen revealed this new Type 20 EV Concept microbus at the IECC which is currently the automaker’s largest automobile research facility that is outside Germany.

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