Volkswagen set to launch new software that will stop accidents in cars by 2050


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Volkswagen is set to launch a new software operating system that will stop their cars from getting involved in accidents by 2050.

German automaker, Volkswagen, has revealed plans to introduce a new software system this year, which is expected to put an end to Volkswagen vehicles getting involved in accidents by the year 2025.


Henceforth, every new Volkswagen model will be equipped with the new software that'll banish accidents from their cars

This news, as reported by Naijauto, was announced on Thursday by the automaker.

Volkswagen’s chief of strategy, Micheal Jost said, new model cars will now come with the software operating system, processor, and sensors that will enable the cars to foresee accidents and then avoid them.

He said,

We want to have no more accidents by 2050.

This new software, according to Volkswagen, has been introduced in the company’s new ID: 3 electric car. The software will be updated regularly as the software operating system’s algorithm gets better, Jost said.

The chief of strategy also remarked:

How quickly can data and algorithms improve?
Our customers should benefit from deep learning every week, and every day. We are moving from being a device company to being a software company.

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The new software operating system has already been installed on the latest Volkswagen ID:3

The Volkswagen’s board member in charge of electromobility, Thomas Ulbrich said, the first generation vehicles which are expected to start selling in the European market in the summer are currently undergoing some tweaking.
While speaking about the state of the software development on the ID: 3 electric car, Ulbrich stated,

We are not yet at 100%.

It is normal that there are still technical tasks to be done shortly before market launch.

The Volkswagen ID: 3 will go on sale in Germany this summer and will be up for grabs from €24,000($27, 000, an equivalent of ₦10 million).
The new software system will be on the same level as the company’s combustion-engine cars and will be part of Volkswagen’s expansion plans on electric cars.

Volkswagen hopes to produce 1.5 million electric vehicles by 2050. Volkswagen Group has multiple brands which comprise of the Audi, Porsche, Bugatti, Bentley, and Skoda. Altogether, they will be launching 75 electric cars by 2029. The group is capable of producing 26 million vehicles.

The 2020 Volkswagen ID:3 is every car lover's dream of what an electric car should look like.

Here, watch the video.

The 2020 Volkswagen ID:3 is the first all-electric production car to be featured on its MEB modular architecture

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