New dawn! Volkswagen introduces redesigned logo and first ever sound logo


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A new beginning for Volkswagen as the company launches its new logo and first ever sound logo. Details about the new logo are included below!

The giant automaker, Volkswagen, has used the platform of 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show to showcase its redesigned company logo.

This new logo is more simple and retro than the earlier logo we are accustomed to. It offers a “flat 2-dimensional design”, which according to the automaker is “clearer and has been reduced to its essential element”. The car manufacturer also disclosed that there is high flexibility with the new logo, with digital applications’ design in mind. For future vehicles, an illuminated company’s logo will appear on them.


The new Volkswagen's logo is two-dimensional, to be effected across all countries

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The automaker, Volkswagen, is expected to illuminate this new logo in Wolfsburg, at their headquarters building. Having this logo everywhere will take some times as Volkswagen recently said the effort of rebranding is “one of the largest projects in the industry worldwide”.

From having Volkswagen’s presence in 154 countries, an estimated 70,000 new logos will be replaced worldwide by the automaker, which include 10,000 service centers and dealerships. The company, despite its huge effor,t is expecting the completion of this rebranding by the middle of year 2020.

The new logo might look quite simple, but the process was really complex in changing the design. Volkswagen particularly said 17 external agencies and 19 internal teams were on deck for this project.


The new illuminated logo will be displayed on the headquarters building in Wolfsburg, Germany

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For the very first time in the company’s history, a sound logo was introduced. According to the company, it will “make the Volkswagen brand distinctive in acoustic terms, both in the vehicle and in communications.

Chief Designer at Volkswagen, Klaus Bischoff, played a vital role in the new logo’s development. He said:

“In the new brand design, we have created an authentic communications platform for the emotional presentation of e-mobility.”

Volkswagen's New Sound Logo

What do you think of this new logo?

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