Volkswagen ups the E-ante with new electric Van model the eTransporter


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As the world awaits the Volkswagen ID. Buzz, the German automaker has released a battery-powered variant of the popular Transporter Van. See photos here!

While we are busy anticipating the production model of the Volkswagen ID. Buzz concept car, the automaker decided to throw in a decent surprise that will get everyone talking in the meantime. This pleasant surprise is a battery-powered variant of the renowned VW Transporter van which it calls the eTransporter.


Volkswagen introduces a new electric version of its popular Transporter van

According to Volkswagen, it partnered with the popular German car tuning company, ABT to develop this new eTransporter van. The new electric van looks very much the same as its diesel-powered variant on the exterior except for its grille which carries a small-sized ABT emblem. As at the time of writing this report, Volkswagen is yet to release any official image of the electric van’s interior. However, the company says that the traditional tachometer found in the diesel-powered version’s instrument cluster will surely be replaced by a power meter in the electric variant.


Van users can now easily switch to the new Volkswagen eTransporter with almost no difference in cargo space

Did you know that Volkswagen recently announced plans to launch new software that will stop accidents in cars by 2050? The German automaker is making serious waves in recent times especially in terms of vehicle technologies. It is remarkable how Volkswagen could quickly come up with the new eTransporter van that will immediately begin to cater to the needs of most van drivers and traditional van applications.

More details of the new VW eTransporter reveals that a modified dual-clutch auto transmission channels 110 horsepower drawn from a well-packed battery to an electric motor that drives the front wheels of the van. Specifications claim that the fast-charging technology of this new eTransporter van will need just 45 minutes to charge the battery from zero to 80%. But those users who would prefer plugging the van directly to a normal power source will have to patiently wait for 5½ hours in order to get a 100% charge.

Take a closer look at this new VW eTransporter van in the video below;


In case you are wondering how the cost for this new VW eTransporter van compares to the older diesel-powered version, here are the figures;

  • VW e Transporter – ₦19.9million [$51,000] starting price
  • VW Transporter (diesel-powered) – ₦12.9million [$33,000] starting price

With all these advancements in electric vehicle technology, it might be high time to start asking if Nigeria is ready for electric cars so that we do not take a backseat when EVs finally become the new “norm”.

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