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Have you seen the latest Volkswagen logo?The automaker has adopted 9 different logos since inception but then got bored of them. Click here to see how their logo evolved over the years!

Volkswagen has been in the business of creating durable vehicles for 82 years. Over time, the automotive brand has grown to become a force to reckon with. In Nigeria, VW as it is fondly called is one of the most popular automobiles. Hence, it is important that we take a moment to celebrate the new logo the brand has introduced.

The automaker chose the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show to unveil what can be described as a breath of fresh air. The ninth logo since 1937, it takes a totally different look from the last two designs used.

Let Naijauto take a strip down the road, and see how Volkswagen logo designs have evolved throughout 82 years!

Volkswagen logo 1937 - 1939

It all started in 1937 with the very first black and white logo on the automaker’s stables. Riding on the coattails of the “People’s Car” affinity which the brand enjoyed back then, the two words “Volks” and “Wagen” were placed in a circle. The design was originally done by Reimspiess.


Black and white were the colors of the first VW logo

Volkswagen logo 1939 - 1945

The first logo seemed like a great idea initially, but it did not last for more than two years. It was changed by the automaker in the course of the World War II. The reference made to a cross in the first logo was taken out in this one, but there was still a reference to a cogwheel. The V and W signs were made more conspicuous with proportions looking like the most recent ones. This design was unique because it was mainly used on military vehicles, given the time frame it was developed.


The second VW logo was adopted during World War II

Volkswagen logo 1945 - 1960

Shortly after the war, a new logo emerged. This was introduced in the early 60s. To this day, it remains the longest-running logo Volkswagen has ever used. The design was in operation for fifteen years. It was very famous with the automaker’s popular model the Beetle as well as the T1 vans.

For this design, the automaker ditched the cogwheel, and widened the V and W letters. Despite being so simple, the design was easy to recognize.


This Volkswagen logo lasted for fifteen years

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Volkswagen logo 1960 - 1967

Volkswagen probably got bored with its previous logo patterns, and took a different route with this design. As a matter of fact, it is the only design of the automaker’s that is square shaped. It came at a time when Volkswagen needed to create a more globally recognized image, having opened its doors to collaborate with businesses in the international markets.


This was the only VW logo with a square shape

Volkswagen logo 1967 - 1978

The previous logo only lasted for a few years. As the 60s came toward an end, Volkswagen came up with a new idea for its logo. This time, the square part was nowhere to be found. Perhaps VW realized that the square pattern did not align with its brand as that was the first and last time its logo took that shape.

There were similarities between the new one and the one used post World War II. It adorned the blue color that has been in use ever since.


This VW logo was the first time the blue and white colors were adopted

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Volkswagen logo 1978 - 1989

At this time, Volkswagen was experiencing major growth in all angles. It developed business opportunities in China, and needed to showcase its maturity. Not much was changed from the graphic design of the previous one. There was no change in the dimensions either. Tweaking the design a little, it inverted the colors. The background was done in blue and the letters were in white. A double frame was also adopted.


VW adopted a double frame for the first time with this logo

Volkswagen logo 1989 - 2000

Three changes were made to VW’s logo in the eleven years that followed. The first one made was in existence until it was dropped in 1995. Of a very simple design, there was hardly any difference between it and the one used from 1945 to 1960 except that the black color was ditched for light blue.

Between 1995 to 2000, the automaker went back to the same graphics used from the 1970s to the 1980s.


This VW logo was similar to the one adopted in 1945

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Volkswagen logo 2000 - 2012

Volkswagen entered the third millennium with a three-dimension logo. This time, the V and W letters were placed in a round instrument. The light blue was made less conspicuous. The logo was used for two years, between 2010 to 2012 precisely.


This was the first VW three dimensions logo

Volkswagen logo 2012 - 2019

Ditching the previous one barely two years after it was adopted, the automaker stuck to its three dimensions. In terms of size, the new one was a tad smaller, compared to its predecessor. Counting from 2012, this logo was used for 7 years. It lasted for long, given the short duration of some of the previous ones.


This VW logo still maintained the three dimensions of the previous one

Volkswagen new logo 2019

The 2019 logo is the most recent one introduced by Volkswagen. It looks different from the two previous ones the automaker used. Instead of the previous three dimensions, VW adopted two dimensions. Color variations of the logo include white-on-blue, black-on-white and blue-on-white.

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This VW logo is the latest from the automaker

With nine logos under its belts since inception, it is evident that VW is always seeking ways to improve its image. Going by the success recorded in these years, the changes were worth the effort.

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