Volkswagen releases short film saying goodbye to iconic Beetle Ijapa


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After 70 years of successful production run, Volkswagen has released a short film as a way of paying tribute to the end of iconic Beetle. Watch it here!

Interestingly, a lot of Nigerians grew up loving this iconic Volkswagen Beetle popularly known as Ijapa. No doubt, it isn’t common on the roads anymore but there are still some people who fancy keeping one of those in their garage.


The production of iconic Volkswagen Beetle has come to an end after 70 years of production

In a report reaching us, the automaker has released a very emotional animated short film titled “Last Mile”, which is a way of paying respect to the iconic Hatchback model.


The car manufacturer titled the film 'Last Mile' to pay tribute to the iconic Beetle hatchback

From the short movie, it tells the story of the major life events of a boy, covering his growth from childhood to adulthood. The rendition of the Beatles “Let it Be”, which was performed by Pro Musica Youth Chorus, was used in the short film. At the end of the clip that spans for 1.30 minutes, it gave an approval into the company’s future of electric-powered future.


The end of an era of 70 years has marked the beginning of an electrified future at the Volkswagen Group

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The short movie surfaced a year after the automaker made an official announcement on what we could see as end of an era of production. The company also rolled off the production of the last Beetle from its assembly plant last year July in Mexico.

The Last Mile | Beetle

According to Saad Chehab, who happens to be the senior vice president of Volkswagen brand marketing, said:

“The Beetle is easily one of the most recognizable cars in the history of automobiles,”

“Honoring it properly required a medium with just as much versatility and universal appeal as the car itself.”

“We are proud of our past but our eye is on the future – hence our choice of New Year’s Eve to hint at our upcoming long-range EV and the 2020 Atlas Cross Sport.”

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