Volkswagen aims at Rwanda then Nigeria & Kenya to launch its first electric cars in Africa


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Electric cars in Nigeria is close to reality after the recent deal between Volkswagen and Siemens for e-mobility in Africa has given Rwanda the same hope. Check the announcement from this automaker here!

Naijauto and many other stakeholders in the automotive industry can clearly predict that Nigeria might soon become one of the top beneficiaries of the recent “e-mobility for Africa” project put forward by Volkswagen and Siemens company.


Thomas Schäfer, the CEO of Volkswagen Group in South Africa announced this new electric mobility feasibility project for Africa

Amidst the doubtful possibilities of using electric cars in Africa, the Volkswagen CEO in South Africa has already stated that 4 units of the company’s e-golf models and one EV charging station will be launched soon to kick off this e-mobility for Africa project. In a recent speech the CEO said;

“With the launch of the pilot project, Rwanda becomes the first African country to introduce a Volkswagen electric car, Rwanda has a young and progressive population that appreciates individual and modern mobility. Together with our development partner Siemens and with the support from the government of Rwanda, Volkswagen wants to make the e-Golf pilot project in Rwanda a blueprint for electric mobility in Africa,”

Volkswagen & Siemens E-mobility project: How can it benefit Nigeria?

Nigeria is the most populated country in the whole of Africa and also a nation with a high need of efficient road transportation means as its current emission levels pose future health risks that only electric cars can avert.

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Electric cars could really redefine road transportation in Africa as a whole with its immense array of advantages

Influential people like Ben Murray Bruce has been advocating the introduction of electric cars in Nigeria for a while now even before this new e-mobility project. So, it is clearly almost impossible that such a huge project like this will now kick off in Africa without benefiting Nigeria.

It should also be noted that Sabine Dall’Omo, the Eastern and Southern African Siemens CEO has affirmed that the company’s partnership with Volkswagen on this project will not only solidify its commitment to Rwanda alone but also to all other African countries.

The Volkswagen company also clearly stated during the launch of this project that its engagement in Africa has been significantly expanded at recent times with establishment of many assembly facilities in nations like Kenya, Rwanda, and Nigeria. All of this are good indicators that Nigeria will greatly benefit from this project at its peak execution stage.


The introduction of electric vehicles will help Nigeria reduce its current level of pollution from traffic

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