Volkswagen Beetle Type 1 brought back in form of an interesting bike


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Many might have forgotten about the Volkswagen Beetle, but not Brent Walter, who created mini-bikes from the parts of the iconic Type 1 model. Check out the Volkspod created by the talented specialist!


The iconic Volkswagen beetle was dissembled and used to create these mini bikes known as Volkspod

Who knew something this beautiful could come out from the parts of Volkswagen Beetle - the model used to be a household car back in the days. Volkspod is a mini bike and it was built as a way of paying homage to the iconic model. The Volkswagen Beetle as many Nigerians usually call ‘Ijapa’ or ‘Bintus’, is one of the best-selling cars to ever ply the road.

We learnt that this amazing design was created and brought to life by Brent Walter, who is working as a custom build specialist. He took the original Volkswagen Beetles apart to create 2 retro-styled mini bikes that he named the Volkpods.


The Volkpod came in pair of two minibikes, each offering different engine and performance level

The exterior frame was made by welding the Beetle Type 1's fenders together, making an exciting stance.


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The Volkspod came fitted with all components needed for a 2-wheel vehicle which are a taillight, a headlight, a saddle, and a wide handlebar. The minibikes are equipped with different engines. The birch green mini bike offers a 212cc Volkswagen engine while the blue version is equipped with a 79cc Volkswagen engine. Their rear wheels will get power via the chain drive.


Just like the front headlight, it features a single taillight at the back, which are attached to the frames

Volkswagen Beetle – What you should know about this iconic Type 1 model

Officially known as Volkswagen Type 1, the iconic Volkswagen Beetle is a 2-door economical car with a fitted rear engine. It was intended to accommodate 5 people but some countries placed a restriction to just 4 occupants. It was produced and marketed by Volkswagen, a German giant automaker, from 1938 to 2003.

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The Type 1 Volkswagen Beetle dubbed as 'peoples car' became popular on the road after the Second World War

The original Volkswagen Beetle could generate an output of 25 horsepower and top speed of 62 mph, which was later upgraded in higher versions. It took Ferdinand Porsche, lead engineer, and his team until 1938 to come out with a final design for this model. Subsequent models include the 1200, 100, 1500, 1302 and 1303. Ever since, the company has sold 21, 529, 464 examples worldwide, making it the most manufactured and longest-serving car on a single platform till date.

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