Volkswagen is testing Anti-Vomit Technology for autonomous cars


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Motion sickness is an issue that will be very prominent with Autonomous cars. This is why the Volkswagen Group is investing in research that will help mitigate this issue. See how their tests are going!

1. What causes motion sickness?

Motion sickness or Riders Vertigo is a very common condition that affects a lot of passengers while taking a ride. Research shows that 1 in every 3 persons stand a very high chance of experiencing Riders vertigo.

Research also shows that about half of passengers who attempt enjoying a video or reading a book while riding in a car will likely experience Riders vertigo as reported by Michael Sivak a Research Professor at Transportation Research Institute of the University of Michigan. In fact, virtually every person will experience motion sickness if they get exposed to the right dose of motion variation when travelling in a car, train or airplane as reported by a Genetic reference paper on the US National Library of Medicine.

Basically, motion sickness is a condition that results from mismatch and conflict of signals obtained from various body parts which do not sync and thus end up confusing the body. For instance when you driving in a car, your brain does all the calculations with inputs it receives from the eyes, joints, ears and muscles. In a situation where there is a conflict from these inputs especially when you when you riding in a moving car that is interpreted as stationary, your system gets confused and you most likely experience nausea and vomiting.


Motion sickness is an issue that will be very prominent with Autonomous cars

This condition will likely become more prominent in autonomous cars where everyone will be a passenger. This is why the Volkswagen Group is investing in research that will help mitigate or reduce the chance of experiencing motion sickness when riding in Volkswagen Autonomous cars.

Volkswagen Scientist at Volkswagen’s Wolfsburg research facility are studying the causes of motion sickness and what may be the trigger of this condition and thus find ways to prevent and mitigate its occurrence in its autonomous cars.

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2. Volkswagen tests to develop anti-vomit technology

To achieve its main, Volkswagen has been using volunteers to experiment and gather data at its Ehra-Lessien test track.

Volunteers are made to wear data collecting devices like cameras and sensors which collect useful information like changes in skin tone, skin temperature and skin temperature. While wearing this, volunteers are made to ride in the passenger seat of an Audi A4 set to Auto Cruise for 20 minutes while following another car, a semi-autonomous Volkswagen Passat executing specially designed drive maneuvers.

The volunteers will be made to watch a non-emotive video played from a tablet as seen in the picture during the ride and then rates her system responses and state of health on the tablet.


Volkswagen Team at Ehra-Lessien test track studying causes of motion sickness

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Aside this, Volkswagen is also pursuing other research efforts to investigate if changes in vehicle design might be useful in arresting this unpleasant condition.

This is likely to involve a redesign of seats that will make them dynamic and motion sensitive, thus adjusting to a set range of motion variation. Volkswagen also intends to infuse LED strips on door panels within the vehicle cabin to help provide passengers with visual cues that tells what might likely happen. With deepening research in Artificial intelligence and machine learning, we expect some of these issues to be better handled. 


Volkswagen desire is to offer her Customers a wonderful experience with VW Autonomous cars

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