Must see! Vladimir Putin’s ₦180b "Flying Palace" filmed by ill Russian teen


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The dream of a very ill teenager came true when he was allowed to tour and video the Russian presidential jet – the ₦180 billion flying palace. It was a remarkable time for the teenager.

In the world of international politics, the name Vladimir Putin is definitely a bell ringer. The Russian president is considered one of the most powerful presidents in the world. Some will even argue it with you that he is the most powerful president in the world, stating different point including influencing the election of the president of the US – Donald Trump. Aside from his political power and influences, Vladimir is also ranked very high as one of the richest presidents in the world. Some quarters even estimates his wealth to be up to $200 billion - in which case he will be the richest man in the world ahead of Jeff Bezos ($124 billion). However, Naijauto found out that behind all the politicking, wealth, power and controversies surrounding Vladimir laid a heart of love, compassion, and kindness. This is what allowed him to give permission to an ill Russian teenager whose dream is to make a documentary video about the President's private jet to tour and film his N180 billion "flying mansion."


Arslan suffers from a rare severe immunodeficiency illness - but his dream just came true!

What a lifetime experience!

It was an incredible feeling for Arslan Kaipkulov, a fifteen-year-old teenager who has been diagnosed with a critical medical condition when he got the permission not only to tour the presidential jet but also to film it. The Ilyushin jet which has been dubbed "the flying palace" is a rare beauty with no two of its kind. Flying in this luxuriously finished jet is nothing short of breath-taking.


This teenager is one of the luckiest people - filming the interiors of the Russian presidential jet

Though Arslan suffers from a rare illness of immunodeficiency disorder, granting his dream of making a tour and video of the Russian flagship jet is a memory he will not forget so quickly. He was given access to film the interiors with a few exceptions where he was only allowed to tour with his camera switched off. Even when Putin was not on the plane as at the time Arslan was filming, he was able to talk to Putin via an onboard phone.

The majestic interiors of the flying palace

The Ilyushin jet is a $700 million jet with capabilities way beyond the ordinary facade it presents outwardly. Boasting of a communication system that is more advanced than is easily found around, the IL-96-300PU is a command station in the air. It has the facility to authorise and control troops from the skies in the cause of an eventuality. It is also always in the company of two Sukhoi-30SM as escorts every time the president is on board the Ilyushin and can call for other Sukhoi SU-30SM fighter jets totaling 68 in number, for military purposes.


A conference room with a touch of royalty 


A majestic royal double bed suited for luxury


Gold-plated toilet


A presidential bar


Well equipped gym to stay fit

The interior is another game changer with all its exclusive fittings and finishes. With an office, conference room, kitchen, extravagant bedrooms, full bar, gold-plated toilet, lounges, and gym, there is no doubt that the president of Russia is in a class of his own. This air-borne beauty has the ability to reach speeds of up to 901km per hour.

Arslan Kaipkulov Toured the Russian President’s Aircraft (Dream with Me Charity Project)

The competition

The only competition for the Russian Presidential jet is the Airforce1 of the United States’ President, which has more gadgets and higher technology. It is equipped with all the tools needed to manage and command troops in the case of an attack on the US. It has a large office, a conference room, a medical doctor on board and the equivalent of an operating theatre, with a gym and two large kitchens that can adequately serve a hundred guests. It is kitted and fitted with military level technologies that are all classified. Airforce1 can even be airborne forever as it is able to refuel while in the air.

In conclusion

Even though Vladimir's "flying palace" is a beauty, with its glamour, exquisiteness, magnificence, and splendour, the gesture behind the act of Vladimir granting access to a teenager who might be suffering from a terminal illness is quite noble. Vladimir with this kind gesture may have increased this teenager’s life expectancy.

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