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Staying home during this lockdown should not prevent you from inspecting the vehicle you want to buy. Virtual showrooms have provided a solution for us and future shopping promises more fun!


Never in the history of the world has staying at home been more profitable than it is these days. The outbreak of the coronavirus has made this a sad reality, one the world is still trying to recover from. The deadly virus has since caused a surge in mixed emotions, cancellation of leisure and economic events, as well as the making of new government policies.

Many of these policies such as total lockdown of cities and states, enlightenment and endorsement of increased hygiene, and social distancing, have been placed to reduce the effect of the deadly virus.


Virtual reality showroom is the future of technology

Unfortunately, these policies have taken their toll on individuals, such as in the temporary but extended shutdown of private on-site businesses. Also in this category, is the restriction of movement and the compulsory need for social distancing.

Car lovers and enthusiasts are not exempted from this and are faced with some unique challenges because of these policies. For example, restriction of movement and social distancing alone means that people get to drive their favorite vehicles less, and also that many can’t gain access to car dealerships to check out vehicles and probably make a purchase.

Maybe all hope is not lost just yet. Yes! Maybe there still exists a way for you to get to check out your cars of choice, and maybe even buy.

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The way out - Virtual showrooms

Just like at many other times, we turn to technology for a solution in virtual showrooms. Virtual showrooms are a 3D simulation of showrooms that enable a wider range of customers to experience the products or services rendered by a company, without having to travel. Manufacturers like Toyota, Mercedes, Audi, and BMW, have virtual showrooms through which they introduce concept cars and upcoming models to the market.

Such is put on display during auto shows and expos for the general public to test-run. It is usually accompanied by a computerized seat that feels like a car seat, and computerized gloves. The experience is made complete by manipulations of the seat to closely simulate driving conditions.


This technology is compatible with mobile devices

Typical virtual motor vehicle showrooms encompass a whole lot, and the experience can range from anywhere between inspecting the exterior and interior of vehicles, all the way to taking a jolly ride and testing the vehicle features in drive mode. Many online car marketplaces have since incorporated this into their service, where they have built websites and apps which are desktop and mobile compatible. Some of them are also compatible with virtual reality headset devices, to enable potential buyers to experience the cars they are interested in without having to leave their homes.

Some automobile dealerships have also embraced virtual reality showrooms as part of their operations to imbibe a more customer-centered service. Suffice it to say, either side of the competition sees the advantage of virtual showrooms.

Check out the Audi A4 virtual showroom experience in the video below:

Audi A4 Experience - Making of

Would virtual showrooms fly?

Research has shown that many people only prefer on-site stores and dealerships to online methods, because, they get the chance to ascertain the quality of products by inspection and to test such products to see if it fits their criteria. The conclusion is that online methods would be better if the needs of customers are prioritized before and after-sales. This way customers can become more knowledgeable and confident about what they are purchasing even without physically inspecting them, while also avoiding the aggressive marketing that they may likely face at on-site stores. The same can be true of cars.

Benefits of virtual showrooms

In times like this where there are stricter government policies on movement and social gatherings, virtual showrooms can offer a unique opportunity for automobile companies and car lovers to still be able to conduct business. There are no holdbacks.

Everything from the look and feel of the car to the specific functions of parts is simulated and can be experienced, without actually getting in the car. Rarely would many dealerships have vehicles in all colors, and including all features. However, virtual showrooms grant buyers the chance to inspect vehicles in all colors and including features. This is why many popular brands have embraced its use, even in their on-site dealerships, just to give customers a more rounded experience.


Virtual reality allows you to experience the car like you are in it

You get to inspect your vehicle of choice from any location and make an objective decision before you buy: The beautiful thing about showrooms is that you get to make your own objective choice, at your pace, and from your place such that you do not have to violate government policies. You get to explore all the options available to you before you decide.

While the apps and websites you may use are definitely set up and optimized to increase the number of sales, they are mostly void of the influence of salesmen whose job it is, especially in an ever more competitive world, to make sure that as many clients as a possible buy. The sad reality is that due to this pressure on many salesmen, they are more concerned about getting sales and earning a fatter paycheck than the specific needs of every client. Ultimately, no one knows what you like as much as you do.


Several automakers have embraced this technology for periods like this

You can find cheaper options even in a lockdown: Seeing as your showroom experience is going to be online, you can easily go ahead and check for a variety of options on your preferred car. Think of this as being able to access many multiple stores at a time from one place, till you find one that is just right and has all the specifications you desire within your budget. This is as opposed to the stress of having to visit many dealerships in person to sample their prices.

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Your dealer settles the delivery: If you do go ahead to buy after inspecting your vehicle in these showrooms, the purchase made online from your dealer of choice should include payment for delivery. While it may be true that not many dealerships will be delivering at this time, some will, within the lengths permissible by governments of course. This ultimately means you won’t have to bother going to pick up your order and put yourself at risk of the virus.

You see, it doesn’t have to be so gloomy and sad despite the times we find ourselves. Make use of the virtual showrooms for online shopping available to you and please stay safe!

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