Fashola insisted: "VIO was brought back by Gov. Sanwo Olu NOT to generate funds"


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The Director of VIS in Lagos has debunked the claim of Lagosians that the restoration of the agency is solely to generate funds for the state. Check the main purpose of VIS when they come back this time!

No doubt, one of the major cardinal points this current political dispensation in Lagos State is trying to address is the issue of non-compliance with traffic rules and use of roads within. The speculation going round Lagos, that the main intent of the revival of Lagos Sate Vehicle Inspection Services (VIS) has been debunked by the agency. According to reports reaching us on Naijauto, a lot of people are beginning to believe that Governor Sanwo-Olu brought back the traffic agency solely to generate funds for the state.


The current administration has made road sanity and compliance with traffic rules part of its core objectives

The road agency was banned from roads by the former governor of the state, Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode, but was later revived by the current administration since its assumption to office.

According to some indigenes of the state, the fall of the previous administration especially in the bid for second term was due to the ban placed on VIS, which affected the annual income of the state. Akin-George Fashola, Director of VIS in Lagos, disclosed the main objective of the agency, which is to restore sanity among road users as against the popular opinion of monetary gain.

The director revealed that the imposition of the fines by VIS officials is only meant for non-compliance with the laid down traffic rules and regulations in the state.


The agency is poised on physical removal of bad vehicles plying Lagos roads

He said:

“The fact of the matter is, VIS is not a revenue generating agency. But as a consequence of what we do, we generate money for the state. Now, you will agree with me that if you do not break the law, there is nothing I want to fine you for”.

“Like I said, as a consequence of people flouting the laid down rules, that is where the fine comes from. If you do what you are supposed to do, there is nothing I can fine you for”.

“VIS is not set up to generate revenue unless you break a law”. If Lagosians don’t break the law, then VIS will not generate any revenue. That is my simple answer to that. We are not after revenue generation. It is as a result of what people do and that is where the revenue comes. If you obey the rules and regulations, nobody will fine you for anything”.

When the Director was questioned on why the current administration restored what was banned by the previous regime. He said it was paramount for the agency to re-strategize and return to the roads within the state as a well reformed unit in executing its main functions in respect to international standards and practices.

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The Lagos State Vehicle Inspector Service (VIS) was banned by the previous administration of Akinwunmi Ambode

He said:

“The initial ban, I believe by the former governor was to allow VIS as an organization to go back readdress itself on how they pursue their operations in a mega city like Lagos”.

“During that time, we went back to look inwards and look at how we can pursue our statutory duties in line with global best practices. I think it was at that point that we came to the realization that technology is one of the ways we can do it”.

 I think what most people forgot during the period was told to stay off the roads was that it is still your civic responsibility as a vehicle owner to keep your vehicle in proper order until you get the prescribed particulars that you are supposed to get”.

Fashola believes that the presence of VIS in the state is due to the presence of many bad vehicles plying roads, which according to him cannot be removed by any technology rather physical removal.

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