War of the traffic wardens! VIO and police officers beef over car inspections in Lagos


Posted by: Oluwaseun Adeniji

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A shocking video of VIO and police officers fighting over who should inspect a car in Lagos has gone viral. Who do you think has the right to do it? Check the video below and answer!

A lot of drama has been happening recently within the country. Just as we reported the drama recently in Ibadan when a traffic warden engaged in exchange of blows with a man here on Naijauto, another drama occurred in Alaka area of popular Surulere suburb of Lagos, when Vehicle Inspector Officers (VIOs) clashed with the officers of the Nigeria’s Police Force (NPF) over the agency rightfully authorized to carry out inspections on a vehicle.


The VIOs and police officers were captured in a viral video, fighting over who should inspect a car in Lagos

The video of this incident has gone viral, showing the moment when the police officers were dragging the motorist with the VIO in Lagos. This indeed caused a massive scene that left a lot of Nigerians wondering what could have happened.


It seems there's a clash of money and power here

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Police Officers And VIO Fight Over Who Should Inspect Cars In Lagos (Photos)

What do you think might have caused this mild drama?

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