[Video] Best way to deal with illegally parked cars is crushing them straight up - said Mayor of Vilnius


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That's exactly what Mr. A.Zuokas said in his recent campaign. No tolerance and straight-forward messages will be his strategy in leading the state.

The following footage is from a small campaign carried out by the mayor of the capital of Lithuania, Mr. A. Zuokasin Lithuania to punish motorists who refuse to obey the law. In a campaign where the city advocates the use of the bicycle for some apparent environment reasons, Mr. A. Zuokas is particularly interested in enforcing the law and he did not hide it. In fact, he blatantly crashed many luxury cars that parked illegally in the bicycle lanes, for which he felt no regret at all. 

the mayor of Vilnius

This man is truly serious in his business

Of course, just like fellow politicians, he did not miss the chance to make a bold and impactful statement about that. He openly expresses his contempt for some people thinking they could park wherever they want.

"Whoever you are, if you break the law, you will be punished, fair and square. Under my supervision, it is best that no one dares to think the law is under them".

And he chose a slightly different way to solve the problem, with a military grade vehicle. 

the mayor of Vilnius crash cars in an amoured vehicle

What he would do is to have a team of cameramen and reporters to accompany him while he's crashing all vehicle that broke the law. No towing, no wheel locking, just plain and simple crashes.

Of course, he could do it in the regular ways like recording the plate number and gave the owner a ticket for later. But those normal ways will only send out regular messages, and he wants more than that. "Getting the job done is my top priority, but when it can come with a little fun, why not do it?", he commented.

Besides having fun doing his responsibilities, by crashing illegally parked vehicles right upon encountering, he did a really good job projecting the message to the citizens of Vilnius and even the whole country of Lithuania. "Being rich does not translate to you being placed above the law, show some respect", he added.

Still can't believe it? See it with your own eyes:

Vilnius Mayor uses tank to crush car

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