[Video] The future bus that looks like an UFO, and can walks over traffic


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With 6 legs, this future bus can spectacularly escape traffic jams.

Since the introduction of a unique bus that can drive over other vehicles on the roads of China, the attention to this new means of transport has never been ceased or lost its heat.

Bus driving overs cars in China

The introduction of the Chinese bus that can drive over cars

Until recently, another idea for a future bus that took the inspiration from the Chinese bus has also been introduced. We can say that the new future bus design has solved the weakest point of its predecessor, its height. While the old one won’t be able to handle towering vehicles like huge trucks or tractor. The new one that is developed by DAHIR INSAAT stretches higher thanks to its 6 pillars which run on rail tracks.

For this new design of 6 retractable “legs”, the bus can handle any incident of traffic on its way by simply drawing in those legs accordingly at the spots of blocking objects ahead.

The team is still working on how to best equip technology which helps those pillars to dissect the information exactly in inch.

Bus driving over cars

With 6 pillars, this future bus can drive over blocking objects ahead

Video: Buses That Can Step Over Traffic - Amazing Gyroscopic Transport Concept

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