Video of Uber driver flogging female passenger out of his car goes viral


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Why would an Uber driver flog his passenger while telling her to get out of the car? Read the details to know what transpired!

Video footage showing an Uber driver flogging a female passenger as he was ordering her to get out of his car has surfaced online.

The 22 seconds video captured the Uber driver shouting at one of his riders before taking up a whip and started flogging the lady. Another female voice was heard at the background saying, “Why would you do that to her... what's that?"

It's apparent the Uber driver was carrying two ladies inside the car.


The Uber driver as he opened the back door to flog the female rider

As Naijauto reports this, the video has already gone viral on social media platforms

A Twitter user with the handle @eziinneee shared the story on her Twitter wall. She happens to be the friend of the assaulted lady and was riding with her in the car when the incident happened.

Here's what she wrote.

"Never thought I’d be one of the people to tweet about Uber drivers cause I’ve never had issues with them but today has to be the most horrible experience. A thread.

So today my friend ordered a ride to ikeja, at the start we had zero issues with him until we got to ikeja that’s when wahala started.

We got to ikeja first he complained that he couldn’t enter the street cause it was too narrow, after initially taking a wrong destination.

We said no problem, make a turn and we’d walk, he tried entering the street and it was a one way, I told him to just park let’s walk

Where he tried to park was covered with water so I said we couldn’t come down cus i sat in front. My friend behind wasn’t paying attention and she simply asked him why he was going far that we already said we’ll walk.

He flared up and started abusing her, he parked in the middle of the road and started dragging her down, screaming that she’s useless and mannerless.

See the video below.

Uber driver assaulting his female passenger

A lot of Nigerians have reacted to the video. Some condemned the act and demanded that the Uber driver be punished for the barbaric act. Others attributed it to frustration.

What do you think?

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