Rare video recorded the cockpit of crashed Air Niugini Boeing 737 revealed to public


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It isn't yet clear what's going on with the pilots seen in this video recorded in the cockpit of the Boeing 737 that crashed last September. See for yourself!

Naijauto has just gotten a newly released footage recording cockpit of the Air Niugini Boeing 737 aircraft that crashed into the sea on September 2018 at Papua New Guinea. Almost all passengers on the plan were successfully rescued after the plane sank into the sea.

The video was reported to have been recorded on an iPhone by the onboard aircraft maintenance engineer just a few moments before the aircraft crashed into the Pacific at Micronesia.

Reports have it that the aircraft was flying to Chuuk from Pohnpei in Micronesia when the crash occurred and got the aircraft to sink to about 30 meters (98 ft) in water, with only one life lost.

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See the released footage below;

Footage from COCKPIT of Boeing 737 shows plane plough into the ocean

The PNG AIC (Papua New Guinea Accident Investigation Commission) investigators claim in their report that the aeroplane missed the airport’s runaway by 460 meters (1,500 ft) under poor visibility caused by the weather which made the pilots rely totally on their aircraft’s instrument.

The investigator’s report also claims that even with a working instrument, the captain of the flight together with his first office had ignored 17 total audible warnings telling them that they were flying too low to ground level.  

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A part of the report reads;

“The crew were fixated on the task of landing the aircraft and did not notice the visual PULL UP caution alert at the bottom of their PFD.

“Therefore, they (the crew) did not take any positive action to arrest the high rate of descent and avoid landing in the lagoon. In fact, neither of the pilots were aware of the rapidly unfolding unsafe situation.

“The crew seemed to have disregarded and talked over all the caution annunciations. The crew had experienced those type of cautions on previous flights and perceived them as nuisance alerts with no resultant consequence.”

“The flight crew did not take corrective action to bring the aircraft back onto the required flight path. The flight crew disregarded and continuously talked over the aural alerts.

“Both pilots were not situationally aware and did not recognize the developing significant unsafe condition during the approach."

A total of 12 crew members and 34 passengers were later rescued using local boats and expert divers after the crash and only 6 passengers got severely injured with only one death recorded as a result of not using a seatbelt.

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